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Top 4 Reasons Why The Gastric Band is a Great Weight Loss Choice

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There is a reason it's our most popular weight loss procedure

The gastric band one of the most popular and well-known forms of weight loss surgery.  With lots of famous faces such as Ferne Britton having had the simple and effective procedure. There are a string of benefits that getting a gastric band can have for a patient but, to make it easy we’ve listed the top 4 reasons why it’s such a great choice!

Reason 1

It's the safest form of weight loss surgery

We can confidently say that all of the bariatric procedures that we offer are safe and the gastric band, being the least invasive, is the safest weight loss surgery of all.

In fact, bariatric surgery is one of the safest forms of surgery today with very low mortality rates across the country. The mortality rate for the gastric band among Healthier Weight patients is 0%. Indeed, that’s the same for all of the weight loss procedures that we offer.

Reason 2

Can significantly improve health conditions

Gastric banding has a major, often dramatic, impact on a wide variety of obesity associated health conditions. In addition to the health benefits, gastric banding is shown to improve quality of life and increase life expectancy.

  • Approximately 60% of type II diabetics are cured
  • 70-80% of patients with high blood pressure reduce or stop medication
  • 80% will have improvement in cholesterol levels
  • 90% will have improvement in reflux symptoms
  • Most people with sleep apnoea are cured
  • Mobility improves dramatically and joint pain decreases
  • Improvements in mood and self-esteem

Stress Incontinence
Most patients experience marked improvement or complete resolution of symptoms

Infertility and PCOS*
90% of patients experience correction of underlying hormonal problems and restored fertility

Patients with asthma see marked improvement in symptoms and a reduction in medication

Liver Disease (NASH)
80% of patients will have complete resolution of liver disease

Back Pain and Arthritis
Patients experience marked reduction in joint and back pain and increased mobility

Psychological Wellbeing
Reduced depressive symptoms and anxiety, improved social interaction and overall quality of life

Reason 3

It can be reversed if needed

Unlike the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass, the gastric band does not permanently alter the stomach such as removing or re-routing. The gastric band procedure can be completely reversed if the patient wanted to remove it. 

Reason 4

Patients can lose 50-60% of excess weight

Your weight loss will vary according to how well you are able to follow the rules for band success. They are to eat slowly, to eat foods of the right texture and to cut out high-calorie soft foods and drinks. As a guide, you can expect to lose 50-60% of your excess weight over the first 2 years although many patients will do much better than this (see before and after photos and stories from successful gastric band patients here).

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