Non-surgical sleeve results, 2 years on

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We started doing the ESG procedure in January 2016 when we did the UK’s first ever case. At that time we launched a programme that was based on the experience of the pioneering centres in the US where the procedure was developed.

In the period since launching we have seen growing interest in the ESG as an alternative to both the gastric band and surgical sleeve.

A review of our weight loss outcomes shows that they are in line with the published results of the best centres around the world. When looking at a group of ESG patients who have had their procedure for more than 6 months and for whom we have a recent weight measurement we have seen the following results:

 Excess BMI lost 48%
 Note: the average starting BMI was 37. Check your BMI here
 Baseline weight loss 15%
 Mean BMI at surgery 37
 Mean BMI after surgery 31

The results included two patients who had lost more than 100% of their excess weight. This means they had reduced their BMI below 25!

One of the other things that is impressive about the results we’ve seen is that every single ESG patient has reported weight loss. Weight loss surgery has a failure rate of 10%—15% and we would have expected to see the same for ESG, but that has not been the case to date. As with all weight loss procedures, long term success depends on making permanent changes to your diet and exercise habits.

If you are ready to meet us to discuss ESG and your weight loss options in general, find your nearest clinic here.

We also want to stress that these are the results of an internal study and they have not been presented for publication. We will continue to monitor results with a view to publishing them in the future.

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If you’d like to get ahead of the curve and plan a weight loss procedure with us in the future, we can add you to a priority waiting list for when we’re able to book hospital places again.

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