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Weight Loss Friendly(ish) Easter Eggs

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Weight loss friendly Easter eggs are unfortunately not something chocolate manufactures are rushing to make, so if you’re searching for something that is 100% health and nutrition’s then we don’t think you’ll find it here. But we are all allowed to treat our selves and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like a chocolate shaped egg once a year!

You should absolutely enjoy treats like chocolate without guilt, even after bariatric surgery a little bit of chocolate is approved! 

So for those of you want to keep with traditions and crack open a chocolate egg this year it might be worth knowing which are the most delicious healthy-ish chocolate eggs on the market. Whether they are lower in sugar or higher in cacao, we’ve got the top list for you!

What To Look For In Easter Eggs For Healthier Options

If you’re on the hunt for an Easter egg that won’t consume your entire recommended weekly calories then are certain things to look out for when buying them

  • Size & Weight – It might seem obvious that the bigger the egg the higher the calories but don’t be fooled by the size alone as weight can play a big part. Some large eggs are actually very light and and thin where as smaller eggs can have a thicker layer of chocolate and be double the calories of larger ones!
  • Dark Chocolate – Lower in sugar and higher in Iron, dark chocolate Easter eggs will always be a much healthier option than a milk or white chocolate egg
  • Cacao Nibs- This might be harder to find however if you see eggs made from this product then we would recommend! Like dark chocolate it’s low in sugar and it’s very high in antioxidants 

NOMO Caramel Vegan Easter Egg & Bar 148g

NOMO are known for producing mouth watering chocolate alternatives vegans. And this year they have the perfect Easter egg, so no one misses out of the chocolate traditions.

100% vegan and free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts this Easter egg is 559kcals per 100 grams.

Hotel Chocolat 100% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg 220g

The masters in chocolate have a range of Easter eggs for everyone’s taste buds, but if you’re looking for a healthier choice this year try this 100% dark chocolate Easter egg. 

Packed with high antioxidant cacao, could this egg be any more ideal? 

Yes – it also contains 13.1 grams of protein per 100 grams and is 600 calories. 

Wicked Kitchen Fruity Chocolate Egg

At just 139 calories per serving this vegan friendly egg from Wicked Kitchen is the perfect treat!

With a crunchy texture and bursting with blackcurrant flavour this Easter Egg is great for those who want something more than just 100% chocolate.

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