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Rishi Singhal Appointed Professor of Bariatric Surgery

Mr Rishi Singhal has dedicated his life to bariatric surgery, saving hundreds of lives every year with various weight loss surgeries, such as the gastric sleeve. His list of achievements in academia and surgery is endless but, his newest title of “Visiting Professor of Bariatric Surgery” is a highlight and reflection of years of hard work and dedication to his craft. 

We spoke to Rishi about how he feels about this lifetime achievement and this is what he had to say…  

"A Visiting professorship is an honorary position recognising the contribution of a clinician within that field – in my case in the field of obesity and diabesity"

“My aim would be to facilitate and develop an academic environment of research within the field of obesity where we can nurture and develop future innovative researchers that include dieticians, clinical fellows and consultants. This will also enable us to build a sustainable academic future. Achieving greater collaboration between University Hospitals Birmingham and Birmingham City University through research and innovation will allow us to build academic and clinical careers for many.

The epidemic of diabesity provides us with significant opportunities to address the population’s health. I strongly believe that collaborative research between diabetologists and bariatric surgeons will not only help establish a world-class research unit at Birmingham City University and University Hospital Birmingham, but it will also pave the way for attracting grants and academics in the field.”

Sharing his achievement across social media with the caption

"And finally a culmination of a lifetime of academic efforts! Huge thanks to all my family, colleges, collaborators and my patients." He recieved applaud and congratulations from collegues and other MVPs in the field of bariatrics and weight loss surgery

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