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What Makes Healthier Weight The Best Bariatric Surgery Provider

When you want to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle, finding a company that can offer everything you are looking for is very important. There are multiple options when it comes to bariatric surgery and achieving your health goals, but none compare to the services we provide at Healthier Weight.

Let’s address why…

Leading health care providers:

One of the main reasons why we at Healthier Weight are the best company for weight loss is due to the leading consultant bariatric surgeons who perform your surgery. They offer exceptional services and have had years working within the profession. Because of this, their knowledge and experience are unmatched and offer those intangible assets that all patients look for. As well as our surgeons, our nurses and dieticians are also highly qualified and will always go above and beyond to offer our patients the care they need. 

Our passionate team:

Outside of our experienced healthcare professionals, we also have teams such as our patient care coordinators who work daily to provide you with the best options when booking your procedure. The similarity between all the teams in our company is the passion that drives us. We are motivated about helping patients live healthier lives and improving their quality of life.

We all understand that obesity is a disease, it is something that individuals struggle with every day due to their disordered way of eating, which may be out of their control. For this reason, all our teams involved in our patient’s journey’ are committed to delivering quality healthcare and going above and beyond for our patients.

We offer a realistic view:

With that being said, bariatric surgery is not an easy way out for those who struggle with obesity. Through our content shown, we allow our patients to express the raw side of how their experience has been. Not all journeys are ‘easy flowing’ and it takes a lot of support and commitment to stay motivated. For this reason, we show the challenges that people have faced when trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can help reassure you we are a transparent company that will answer any questions to ensure you make an informed decision that is best for you. However, through that, our team provides support and resources to help any patients struggling to overcome their challenges.

Our nationwide locations:

Another reason why you should choose our company is for our first class locations. Throughout all of the United Kingdom, we have locations and clinics that allow patients to be closer to home. This means you can access our quality healthcare whilst knowing you don’t have any additional long journeys before or after. By having locations nearby, we can make it more convenient for you to access your required services.

For more information regarding our locations, you can read our recent blog here.

Success rates:

Finally we, at Healthier Weight, have the highest success rates. Our company has helped thousands of individuals achieve their goals in weight loss, being a testament to the quality of care we offer. With the support of our teams and expertise within our healthcare professionals, you can trust you are in safe hands on the path to success.

Acknowledgement of patients:

As previously noted, choosing weight loss surgery can come with its challenges therefore, at the end of each year we at Healthier Weight host the ‘Better Health Awards.’ The night is a black-tie event that allows our patients to acknowledge each other’s successes and support one another face-to-face rather than online. All nominees for each award attend and get the opportunity to a sit-down bariatric meal, live entertainment and a chance to meet not only each other, but Healthier Weight staff members, including the surgeon who may have completed your operation!

And on that note, keep your eyes peeled for this year’s ceremony which is just about to begin!

Overall, if you are considering bariatric surgery, we are happy to help and can promise we will provide our best quality of care throughout your journey. We understand that choosing a company can be a daunting process but with over 20 years of experience and thousands of lives already changed, Healthier Weight might just be the best option for you.

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