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What makes Healthier Weight the most trusted weight loss surgery provider in the UK?

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Healthier Weight has been a leading weight loss surgery provider in the UK for years. We know that now more than ever, no two weight loss surgery providers are the same. What appears good value sometimes results in poor hospital facilities, aftercare and even surgeons. Like most things in life, you generally get what you pay for.

More than ever, consumers in general but particularly weight loss surgery patients want a provider they can trust, a provider they can be confident will stay with you for life and who will provide the reliable long term support you need for sustained and successful weight loss. Choose the wrong provider for the wrong reasons, and you might find yourself with complications, having to pay again to resolve them. You cannot take risks with your health.

We speak to hundreds of people every week who are considering surgery to help them on their weight loss journey. They tell us it can be really hard to choose a provider as there are so many factors to take into account, important factors too – such as but not limited to:

Reviews more important than ever

Reviews and recommendations are more important than ever in hundreds of industries, but Healthcare is one of the biggest. Websites like Trustpilot, Feefo and TripAdvisor are regularly used to discover the true benefits of one provider versus another. The best providers are open and welcome honest feedback, both good and bad. You will be able to find them on the best review websites. Trustpilot is the review platform Healthier Weight operate on.

As one of the leading weight loss surgery providers in the country we try to offer our patients the best experience, facilities, communication, and ultimately value. In doing so the Trustpilot review looks after itself. To this point, it has worked and we can confidently communicate that we are the most trusted weight loss surgery provider in the UK.


Trustpilot is committed to being the world’s best and most trusted review platform. That’s why we choose them to collect impartial reviews of real patient experiences. We’re happy to share and respond to all feedback, good and bad, for total transparency. We actively request our customers to review our service on a weekly basis. This means that nearly all of the results that are visible on our Trustpilot page have been requested by us.

As you can see from the table below, we go out of our way to encourage new reviewers to rate us on Trustpilot. It shows that we excel in what we do.

Table of the Healthier Weight Trustpilot scores compared to 3 other weight loss surgery providers
*Ratings taken from Trustpilot on 18.02.20

It is important you seek out the opinions of your provider’s past and current patients so that you can avoid nasty surprises once you’ve parted with your money. The volume of reviews that we have received to date and our ‘Excellent’ overall rating of 4.6 is largely the basis of our claim to be the most trusted weight loss surgery provider.

Success stories

We are honoured to have helped thousands of people achieve their desired weight loss, and in turn, completely transform their lives. Our patients have seen significant changes in physical and mental health, confidence, self-worth and overall quality of life.

We are always proud to showcase the amazing weight loss journeys of our patients. As a result, you will find more success stories on our website than any other weight loss surgery provider in the UK. We also host a patient success day 3 times per year, which is where we invite several success stories to our head office allowing them to share their journeys with us and each other.

At Healthier Weight, we care about our patients and do everything we can to make sure you are looked after, from the first contact with us to years after your surgery. Please take a look at what our patients say about us.

So, no matter who you choose to have your weight loss surgery with, make sure you choose them for the right reasons. When you are comparing the cost of your surgery, you need to decide if the cheapest option is really worth the risk. If you are thinking about weight loss surgery and you think Healthier Weight could be right for you. The first step is to check which procedure you are eligible for.

Last review: 18/02/2020.
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