What To Pack For Weight Loss Surgery – Vicki Mooney’s Top Tips

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In the days leading up to your weight loss surgery, there will be a number of things you’ll be preparing for, both mentally and physically. One of the main questions we see patients asking is what to pack for weight loss surgery.

Whether you’re going in as a day case or an overnight stay, well-planned packing for your own or a loved one’s admission to the hospital can make for a smoother, less stressful experience. 

For Vicki Mooney, preparing for surgery was something she’d done before when she had her first bypass surgery in 2004. However, this time Vicki needed to prepare for more than one day, as she chose to travel from her home in Lanzarote to our clinic in Birmingham. With the support of her partner, Matt she flew over to have her procedure in the safe and talented hands of Mr Rishi Singhal and the Healthier Weight team. 

We asked Vicki to give us her top tips on preparing for surgery. From what to pack to what you’ll need when you get back home. 

What to pack for weight loss surgery in hospital

“Slippers with no backs and plenty of stretch. You won’t be able to bend for a while to put them on, also your feet can swell up after surgery. Mine did both times!”

“Very loose pyjamas or preferably night dresses for post-surgery”

“Lip balm or a small vaseline. Post-surgery your lips are so dry, vaseline was my best friend!”

 “A water bottle with a sip tip/spout top, much easier when you’re lying in the hospital bed.”

“A handheld fan. I found myself quite warm in the hospital, this was a godsend.”

 “A long cable charger for your phone!”

Coming home

Each bariatric surgery has a dietary plan when you’re home after surgery. With Vicki’s bypass revision surgery, her first two weeks restricted her to a liquid-only diet. 

“I had prepared for returning home on the liquid diet. I made 2 homemade soups and froze them as I knew I’d be craving something tasty!

  1. A bean and bacon Soup – high in protein and very tasty!
  2. And a roasted red pepper and tomato soup.

I put them in small plastic containers and froze them. Each one was 200ml and that was a perfect meal size for me on week one and two to sip”

Healthier Weight dietitian, Heather is accessible for all patients to ensure that no matter which phase of their post-surgery diet they are on, they are still getting all the nutrients they need. On-demand recipes suggested by Heather herself can be found on our Healthier Weight app to give some inspiration too! 

Talking to family prior surgery is vital. Those you live with need to support your upcoming food selections and recovery at home. When they understand how challenging it will be post surgery, they will be able to support you more.

“Key ingredients for return home was Bovril, semi skimmed milk, whey protein powder in various flavours! Cordial (sugar free) to add to water. Ice! It goes in everything!

I sliced and froze bananas and added some to my protein drinks as they aid digestion, great source of energy and also potassium, magnesium and vitamin C.

Make sure everything is in easy reach as you won’t be able to stretch much.”

In the patient chair with Vicki Mooney & Rishi Singhal - The Importance of choosing the right clinic & surgeon

The most important part of preparing for surgery is knowing everything you can about your chosen clinic and surgeon. Vicki made the decision to come to us because she knew that Mr Singhal’s experience in weight loss, and the aftercare that she could receive from her home in Lanzarote were invaluable and gave her the best chances at success following on from her surgery. 


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