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Why Do I Sweat So Much?

As summer is approaching you might be dreading hot sticky days stuck in an office or unable to find some shade. But, there can be a few reasons that cause us to sweat and it’s not always down to being in the hot weather.

Here are 5 things that may cause you to sweat

1. Anxiety

It’s well known that when we get nervous we begin to sweat, this is caused by our fight or flight reaction. You’ve probably experienced it just before a job interview, or the first date.  Your palms get calmy and you might start to regret wearing a grey shirt that shows off your newly developed sweat patches.

However, you may notice this happening more often if you suffer from social anxiety, as this triggers the fight or flight reaction more often.

2. Overactive Thyroid

Also known as hyperthyroidism, an overactive thyroid means your thyroid gland is making too much thyroid hormone. 

There are many effects that an overactive thyroid has on the body. The main cause is that it speeds up your metabolism. But it can also increase people’s body temperature and make being in the heat difficult, causing excess sweat. 

Women at 5 times more likely than men to have an overactive thyriod.


3. Menstrual Cycle

If the stomach cramps, headaches and mood swings weren’t bad enough, we can add hormonal sweating to the list of things aunt flow gives us every month. 

Our female hormones like estrogen fluctuate a lot during the month but, in the days before our period, some women may experience body temperature changes. It can cause night sweats and general day-to-day higher sweat levels but, once your period starts it usually returns to normal.

4. Genetics

We’ll keep this one short, most of the time your sweating habits are just that of family genetics. If you come from a family of light sweaters, chances are you will be too, and vice versa. 

However if you notice your sweat pattern is extremely different from your parents of siblings it could be a health condition. 

5. Increased Metabolism

Ever had meat sweats? You know the feeling, you just devoured a Christmas dinner and went back for seconds on the pigs in blankets. Then for the rest of the day, you feel it seep out of your skin? 

Well, it’s not actually the meal causing you to sweat but, your metabolism, as this kicks into gear a by product is sweating. 

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