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“Why I had the gastric sleeve” Emma’s reasons for weight loss surgery

Abassador Blog #1 | Emma - Gastric Sleeve

Emma had her gastric sleeve in Janaury 2021

After struggling with her weight for years, and having exhausted all diet plans and programs, Emma wanted a long-term solution. 

“My weight became unmanageable” Emma confessed in her latest video posted to Instagram. Leading her to research weight loss surgery and the gastric sleeve.

Deciding that this was the best, and only option for her to take back control over her weight Emma leaped into her new life. And, in January 2021 had gastric sleeve surgery with bariatric surgeon Prof. Rishi Singhal at Burcot Hall in Birmingham. 

"At my heaviest I was 21 stone"

Like many patients of weight loss surgery Emma’s problems weren’t with losing weight, but keeping it off. 

One of the reasons Emma needed the weight loss surgery was reaching her heaviest weight of 21 stone.  Emma said, “You name it, I tried everything to try and reduce my weight but, I could never stick to it and would always end up putting it and back on… and more.” 



why i choose the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery
why i choose the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery

"Wanting to start IVF gave me determination"

Being even a few pounds overweight can, unfortunately, see you not being eligible for IVF treatment, Emma was one of these people. 

Determined to make the list and work towards starting a family Emma knew that her weight getting in the way. 

Since having her surgery last January Emma has lost 9 stone and… has been accepted to start IVF! 

"Going on holiday and having to ask for a seatbelt extender was a wake up call"

Holidays are usually an exciting time, something we look forward to all year round. For Emma, though it brought her face to face with what she’d been avoiding.

Up until this point Emma admitted she had been in denial about how big she was. 

“But sitting in that plane seat and trying to force the belt around me was something I couldn’t hide from”. 

"My only regret? That I didn't do it sooner"

Ultimately for Emma weight loss surgery was the answer to many problems. It gave her a new lease on life and her health back. 

When she reflected on her choice for weight loss surgery she only had one regret. and that was that she didn’t do it sooner. 

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