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Why Publishing Results Matters

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It’s very rare that I talk about my own company in these blogs because that is not what they are designed for. I have to disclose right up front that I’m taking about Healthier Weight in this blog.  

I’m very proud of the fact that we have just published our long-term gastric band outcome data and it has been accepted for publication in the respected obesity journal, BMC Obesity. The article is entitled, ”Medium and long-term results of gastric banding: outcomes from a large private clinic in the UK”. 

To my knowledge, we are the only private provider in the UK ever to have published its long-term gastric band data. Perhaps so few providers publish their data because it takes a lot of work to compile outcomes and then to prepare the report. I dare that some providers are put off by their results too. 

As I said in line one, I work at Healthier Weight and I, therefore, have a vested interest, but I’m really pleased with our band outcomes. They show that Healthier Weight delivers weight loss outcomes and low complication rates that place us among the best weight loss centres in the world. 

Publishing outcomes are one of those things that we in the healthcare world attach a lot of value to but patients seem to value less. It is really important however as it’s only through published data, that is ‘peer reviewed’ by industry experts that our understanding of different treatment methods progress. 

The purpose of this blog is really to talk up the importance of providers publishing their data rather than talking about how good our data is. You can find out about that on our website and using the links below. 

If you are thinking about weight loss surgery however you may want to ask your provider what published data they are basing their weight loss ‘promises’ upon. I dare say most won’t know. At Healthier Weight, however, you’ll know its based on their own data. 

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Martyn Berrett

Martyn is the former MD of Healthier Weight. Throughout his tenure he observed many bariatric procedures and took part in several research projects so has a unique perspective on all things weight loss.

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