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Revision surgery options

Great aftercare is key to success
Mr Rishi Singhal
Specialist in revision surgery and Medical Director at Healthier Weight

Inevitably there will be a small proportion of weight loss surgery patients who regain some of the weight they have lost. This usually happens several years after the primary procedure. If you are in this situation you may want to consider revision surgery to recover some or all of your original weight loss.

Depending on the original procedure you chose, there are a number of possibilities for you to consider.   

Before going further it is important to bear in mind that revision surgery is more complex than your first procedure. This is because the stomach and the tissue around it would have been disturbed when the primary procedure was done. Dealing with the scar tissue (adhesions) that are left requires specialist expertise to minimise the risks of revision surgery to you. Revision procedures carry a greater risk of complication than primary surgery so the experience of your surgeon and hospital, with these procedures specifically, is especially important.  

On these pages we aim to provide you with all the information you could need to understand revision procedures and your options. If you want to go into more detail, please click our ‘go deeper’ links or call us. The team here is fully trained in revision surgery and will be pleased to help and answer questions you have.

At Healthier Weight we limit revision surgery to those surgeons who can point to a high volume of successful procedures, and who have done revisions in both their private and NHS practices. We also focus on large private hospitals with the appropriate High Dependency facilities that are required to do these cases safely.

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Why choose Healthier Weight for revision surgery?

Above all else, we are specialists in weight loss surgery. We do nothing other than support people in exactly your situation and our team has built an international reputation for its expertise in revision surgery, presenting at a number of international conferences on the subject. 

Three more specific reasons to choose us for your revision are :

  • We use specialist revision surgeons
  • We use hospitals with the appropriate high dependency facilities
  • We offer a comprehensive revision surgery support package


*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

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Revision surgery support package

A comprehensive support package is even more important for revision surgery than for primary procedures. Its doubly important that you understand what is required for success with your revision procedure as the options are likely to be very limited in the event of weight regain in the future.

As specialists in revision surgery we have developed a comprehensive support package that will provide you with the aftercare you need in the short, medium and long term. As a previous weight loss surgery patient you will know that the procedure is only as good as the aftercare, and that you success depends on your ability to make and maintain the diet and eating habit changes that are required.

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Although each patient’s individual circumstances are considered when deciding on the best procedure, as a general rule you will only be eligible if you have a BMI (body mass index) of 35 or above. This may reduce to 30 if your primary procedure was a gastric band.

At Healthier Weight, all revisional surgery procedures are subject to review by our Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) to ensure that the optimal surgical decisions are made.

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Which revision is best for me?

The revision that is best for you will emerge from your discussion with our team and from your face to face consultation with your surgeon. Normally, it will be based on the reasons for your weight regain, your diet and eating habits, any symptoms you are experiencing and the result of any diagnostic tests that have been taken. At consultation you will be given all of the options and the pros and cons of each.

Pre-Surgery Tests

It may be necessary to carry out diagnostic tests before confirming the revision procedure that is best for you. 

If a test is required it is usually a barium x ray. This test involves you drinking liquid with barium in it or eating small bolus of food that is soaked in barium. Under x ay we are able to see how the liquid or food passes down the oesophagus and through the stomach. For example, it will show whether the stomach has stretched. With the barium x ray we can predict more accurately whether the revision will be successful.

On very rare occasions we may also request a gastroscopy. A gastroscopy involves placing a camera into the stomach. It’s a very safe procedure and is done under sedation. The patient is awake throughout and usually spends about 1 hour in hospital as an outpatient. Fewer than 1 in 100 revision surgery patients would require a pre-operative gastroscopy.


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 Revision surgery options

Gastric Bypass Revisions

Bypass revision surgery is one of the most challenging and hotly debated areas of weight loss surgery. Over the years many procedures have been used to help patients who are regaining weight some years after their bypass surgery, these include: trimming the ‘pouch’, elongating the BP limb, banding the pouch (adjustable or non adjustable band) and non surgical stitching of the junction between the pouch and the bowel (called the Overstitch procedure).

At Healthier Weight most of our bypass revisions are implantation of an adjustable band around the pouch and non surgical stitching of the anastomosis to reduce the aperture between the stomach and the bowel. On rare occasions we will consider elongating the BP limb, but this is very much the exception due to the malabsorption of nutrients caused.

Adjustable banding of the pouch

We consider this to be a safer option than the other surgical revisions. After dissecting the adhesions around the stomach a standard adjustable gastric band is placed around the pouch. In order to be successful with this procedure patients will need to follow the best practices that apply to all band patients.

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Non surgical reduction of the anastomosis (Overstitch)

This is still a new procedure. It can be effective for patients where the opening between the stomach and the bowel has widened. For these patients it represents a safe and effective treatment. As with banding the pouch, it is a safer option than the other surgical procedures.

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Gastric Sleeve Revisions

There are three revisional surgery options available to sleeve patients who are regaining weight. These are having the sleeve ‘re-done’ if it has stretched, converting the sleeve to a bypass and banding the sleeve. We do not favour banding sleeves so this is not an option we would consider. 

Conversion to bypass

This is our preferred option for sleeve patients who need revision. We can be confident with the bypass that patients will recover most of the weight loss achieved with the original sleeve.

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Sleeve ‘re-do’

This is a less frequently used option and would only be undertaken after a barium x ray to confirm that a dilated sleeve is the reason for weight regain. We prefer not to use this approach as the risk of staple line leakage is even greater than for the primary gastric sleeve.

Gastric Band Revisions

There are a number of reasons why your gastric band may lead to a later revision. Most common among these are port leakage, band slippage and/or intolerance of the band ‘lifestyle’ (diet and eating habits).

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.