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Revision surgery support package


"They really do look after you"

- Review left by Hali Jafari
Sleeve patient who lost 11 stones

This support package has been put together based on our experience of revision surgery. In addition to our own experience, built over 10 years, we have taken into account the best available published data.

When you have a revision to a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass with Healthier Weight, your support package includes the following:

  • A surgical warranty to protect you in the event you experience a complication and need a return to theatre or extended stay in hospital. 
  • Pre-operative dietitian consultation to prepare you for the dietary success
  • Pre-operative psychologist consultation, as indicated by your operating surgeon
  • Post operative review appointment with your operating surgeon
  • Barium X-Ray free of charge, when clinically indicated by your surgeon or Healthier Weight’s Medical Director, within 24 months of revision surgery date
  • All revision surgery cases are reviewed by our multi disciplinary team to ensure that the best clinical decisions have been made
  • Clinic review appointment 2 weeks after your surgery
  • Further formal reviews with our clinical team at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months and an ’open door’ policy
  • Lifetime support as and when needed.
  • Comprehensive blood test review at 6 months
  • We provide comprehensive advice about your procedure to your GP so that your wider health requirements can be managed in an integrated way.
  • 24 hour Emergency helpline
  • Dietary guide and nutritional support to embed the diet and eating behaviours needed to maximise results.
  • Psychological support guide to underpin your new relationship with food 


This support package provides the foundation from which you can achieve and sustain optimal weight loss results after revision surgery.

The team at Healthier Weight is expert in revision surgery. If you have a question, please call and we’ll be pleased to help.

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.