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Chris's Non-Surgical Sleeve journey

Procedure of choice        Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG)

Starting weight                 22 st 12 lbs

Current weight                13 st 12 lbs

Total weight loss              9 st 0 lbs

Trigger for weight loss     Control his relationship with food

My journey has been fairly normal for someone with weight issues- yo-yoing up and down throughout my life. I have always been 'heavy' and despite having a very active childhood of riding a bike 3 miles to and from school each day, swimming and taking part in lots of outdoor activities, I was never a slender youth. I came to believe that was just the way I was made. What I didn't realise then, as I do now, is that my relationship with food was an abusive one!


Portion control were just 2 random words with next to no meaning in my life. I'd think nothing of a full dinner plate piled high with whatever comfort food took my fancy, then topping it off with pudding and either beers or fizzy pop.

About 5 years ago I realised I was seriously overweight and stepped on the scales to see 140kg. I was aghast. I'd always been heavy but this was something else. I was struggling to get my head around it, and so started a radical soup diet to shed some pounds. Over a year I dieted, exercised more, and dropped to 100kg. I was over the moon and celebrated by binge eating. 'It's OK' I told myself. 'You've reached your target, and you can get back to the diet tomorrow!'. The problem was, this became a mantra and over the next 6 months I piled it back on- always scared to get back on the scales and see just how much damage I'd done to my hard work. I had fallen right back to where I'd started from.

As the weight rushed back on, in my delusion I thought I'd only put a few kilos back. I went on a residential school trip in April 2017 and I really struggled to keep up with the kids and colleagues. I got back to the UK and got back on the scales after nearly 4 years. To my horror, I was heavier than I'd ever been... 144.4kg (320lbs, 23st)! How had this happened? The reason? No support! With no one checking up on my progress I was easily able to relapse into my aberrant relationship with food and healthy living habits. Enter 'Healthier Weight'! 

I needed help and they were there. I knew I needed an intervention, so I got in touch and they talked me through all the options - bypass, sleeve, balloon or band. I'd heard about a new procedure called the Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty, a non-surgical sleeve option to reduce the size of my stomach. My surgeon, Mr Kelly was amazing at talking me through all the different options. He agreed that the ESG was the most appropriate for my needs and risk profile.

It's been amazing. I followed the pre-procedure diet and had already lost a few pounds. I was 'done' on the 18th July 2017, and have been on an amazing journey since. The support from Healthier Weight has been great, with regular follow up calls and sessions, and a support group on Facebook which is full of like-minded and supportive fellow HW journey-ers.

People I've worked with for years didn't recognise me after the summer and at times I don't recognise myself. I'm still one stone from my target weight, but I'm now (for the first time since childhood!) in the Healthy category on the BMI scale. More than the numbers, I'm heathier and happier than I've ever been and that down to the support and guidance from Healthier Weight, and the skills they've given me with my new tool, my best friend, my ESG!               

9 stone gone forever, 1 to go, and I'm ready for the challenge and the future of Healthier Weight and Healthier living. 

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