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Easter Eggs & Their Calories

As Christmas has lost its religious significance for many and is now synonymous with a food and drink blow out, Easter has become an excuse for a chocolate fest. I’m rather fond of good chocolate but now my children are grown up, I don’t regard myself as the “target market” for purchasing Easter eggs. You too could choose to forgo the chocolate and treat yourself – or someone else - to an alternative Easter present. If, however, you do want an egg, choose wisely as you’ll see below there’s quite a variety to choose from. If you can’t resist nibbling, make sure there are plenty of people around to share your treat with you.

Looking at the calorie content of some eggs was quite an eye opener. Firstly, it wasn’t straight forward to ascertain just how many calories there were in the whole Easter egg because whilst the calories for the hollow shell was usually (though not always) listed on the back, the sweets/chocolates inside frequently were not. Here’s my very unscientific random research finding:

Mars and Friends Easter Egg (372g)  = 1,881 calories 

198g of hollow egg = 1041 calories

58g of Mars bar = 260 calories

58g of snickers = 296 calories

58g of Twix = 284 calories

Guideline daily calories are 2,000 for a woman and 2,500 for a man (depending on age, activity levels etc) so for a woman this egg would be pretty much all she could eat for the whole day. There is also a whopping 98g of fat – a woman’s daily average should be 70g

By contrast the Weight to Go daily diet consists of 3 protein shakes, one soup, one meal, one portion of fruit and one portion of vegetables – and all for some 850 calories. You could double the amount of the WTG daily dietsix shakes, two soups, two meals, two portions of fruit, two portions of vegetables and still consume fewer calories than those contained in this egg. 

Maltesters and Friends Easter Egg (312g) = 1,609 calories

198g of hollow egg = 1043 calories

37g of Maltesers = 187 calories

42g Minstrels = 211 calories

35g of Revels = 168 calories

Because Maltesers are known as having “the less fattening centre” it’s quite a surprise to see that a bag of Maltesers has more calories than a bag of Revels. This egg still packs a hefty calorie punch.

Kit Kat Chunky Medium Sized Egg (168g) = 965 calories 

132g egg = 704 calories

1 chunky Kit Kat finger = 261 calories

If you were on a 1,000 calorie a day diet, this would be your day’s intake. 

Green and Blacks Dark 70% Egg (110g) = 606 calories

This would be my choice as the chocolate is so dark and delicious.  Plain chocolate is richer in flavonoids than milk or white chocolate which may keep the heart healthy and may reduce our risk of some cancers. 

Small Cadbury’s Crème Egg Total calorie content 175

The good thing about small eggs like this is that you satisfy a chocolate craving but it’s portion controlled so there’s no danger of over indulging – unless you buy a pack of 12! 

Dr David Ashton MD PhD

5th April 2011

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