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The Cost of Weight Loss Surgery

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece praising some fashion designers in London Fashion Week for using “plus size” models (OK, I know they are really just slim, sized 12 women but at least they are not the usual painfully thin waifs clopping down the runway). 

Having made my debut in the fashion arena, I am warming to my role as fashion commentator. I know designer fashion is an important economic contributor to UK plc, but my eyes watered – and not as a result of some obscure tropical disease – but in response to the extraordinary price of a handbag. Flicking hurriedly through a Sunday supplement magazine, my eyes caught sight of the price of a handbag. I did a double take. £4,975. Do people really pay £4,975, yes £4,975 for a handbag?? Yes, they do, I’m told. And wait for it. There’s a waiting list.

The word that comes to mind (it’s one of my favourite words) is preposterous. I totted up the magazine article’s other booty. Apart from £5,000 for the bag, there was another £1,500 for a pair of shoes (I’m presuming it was for 2 shoes though the article only showed one), £2,500 for the coat (bargain!) and £300 for a scarf (a scarf!). We haven’t even got to what she’s wearing underneath but already it adds up to far more than the cost of many weight loss surgery operations. For a typical male doc who can’t tell his Prada from his Primark, given the choice of a load of clobber or a life transforming gastric band, it’s a no brainer. I fear my days as a fashion commentator are over.

Dr David Ashton

5th October 2010

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