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The Use Of Diet Food For Weight Loss Surgery Patients

One of my nurses reported that a lady came to a band adjustment clinic last week and was extremely disgruntled because her weight loss had plateaued after several months. 

Until this month she had consistently lost 4lbs per month*. Now 7 months on, and two stones lighter, she seemed to have suddenly stopped. “Why don’t you try some of our Weight to Go” products to kick start you again?” the nurse said not unreasonably. “I didn’t pay all this money to eat diet food” the lady snapped back. 

I must say I find this attitude surprising. Firstly, whilst understandably frustrated by her predicament, I don’t like people being rude to my staff. Secondly, what’s wrong with diet food?  Why shouldn't you intersperse your diet with protein shakes, nutritious meals and energy bars? Everyone at Healthier Weight does. In fact, whenever we have new products to try we have to draw lots as there’s never enough samples to go round my enthusiastic taste testers. Our microwave has a good workout every lunchtime as someone prepares a tasty Weight to Go pasta bolognaise, pea and ham soup or a chicken curry in a matter of minutes. Piping hot, nutritious, delicious. 

When I devised the range of Weight to Go foods, I did so precisely for medical and surgery patients. I wanted to provide the easiest, decision free way of giving patients a winning weight loss diet so that they could concentrate on other things in their life without worrying about what they could or should eat. So, if you are feeling a bit glum because you are not losing weight, don’t take it out on the staff, get yourself some Weight to Go products to put some balance and structure in your diet. That way you’ll make sure the money you spent on surgery isn't wasted.

Dr David Ashton

12th October 2010

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.