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Gastric banding and Type 2 diabetes

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17th April 2014

It’s well known that patients with Type 2 diabetes can benefit from gastric banding and other surgical weight loss operations. However, a recently published study was the first well conducted trial designed to compare outcomes among type 2 diabetics receiving usual care and those who underwent gastric banding. 

The study involved a total of 51 type 2 diabetics aged 18-65 years with a BMI of 25-30kg/m2. Twenty six patients were allocated to usual care and 25 had diabetic care plus a gastric band. The surgical procedures were carried out in an out-patient setting with no complications

After 2-years follow-up the differences between the usual care and the gastric banding group were dramatic. Among the banded group 12 (52%) had complete remission of their diabetes compared with just 2 (8%) in the usual care group. Remission of diabetes was also associated with great weight loss among the gastric banded group compared with the usual care patients (11.5kg versus 1.6kg). 

The study is impressive not only because more than half of overweight Type 2 diabetics were in remission after 2-years, but also because the band was applied to overweight rather than obese patients. It shows that the band is both safe and effective in these lower weight patients and that they can benefit greatly from it’s impact on Type 2 diabetes.

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Dr David Ashton MD PhD


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