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I was recently asked by a magazine what I’ll be eating on Christmas Day. I know some weight loss experts tell their patients that they mustn’t deviate from their diets even for a day. I think that’s crazy. Below is my honest estimate of what I’ll be eating this year. A leisurely breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs will be a treat. 

I love nuts (which are full of nutrients) so I’ve allowed myself a generous portion of my favourites, Brazil, almonds and plain cashews. I also love a mince pie but I’m making myself wait for one until the evening. I can’t get the rest of my family to eat Christmas pudding so I’ve allowed for a treat of apple crumble and custard or chocolate sponge and custard. The key to a successful Christmas Day is to work out what your indulgences are going to be beforehand. I’ll not want any supper after such a massive lunch but I will probably pick at the turkey so I’ve allowed for that – and my mince pie! 

As you can see, my total for the day is 2720 kcal. Now my daily calorie requirement is around 2000 calories (excluding physical activity). But with a brisk afternoon walk of around an hour and half I can use another 500 calories, bringing my total for the day to 2500. I still have a small excess of around 250 calories – but I’m not going to worry about that on one day of the year. But remember if I did it on every day of the year, at the end of 2011 I would be carrying 26lbs more fat than I am today! 


Breakfast                                                                   Calories*

Smoked salmon (2oz)                                                     80

Scrambled eggs x 2 with milk                                        300

1 slice wholemeal toast and butter                                100


Pre lunch

1 glass champagne                                                          90

Mixed nuts (50g)                                                             280



Roast turkey (100g)                                                         170

Roast potatoes (100g)                                                     150

Heaps of carrots/sprouts/red cabbage                              75

Homemade stuffing                                                          230

Cranberry sauce                                                                 40

1 chipolata                                                                          75

2 (120 ml) glasses red wine                                              160


Apple crumble or chocolate sponge                                  350

Custard                                                                              150



Left over turkey pickings                                                    170

More cranberry sauce                                                          40

Mince pie                                                                            230



TOTAL FOR THE DAY                                                     2720



Happy Christmas!


Dr David Ashton

20th December 2010

* Calorie estimates taken from The Calorie Carb and Fat Bible published by

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