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Diabetes: the hidden killer & obesity surgery: the cure

Diabetes: The Hidden Killer
Panorama programme "Diabetes: The Hidden Killer" on BBC1 (3rd October 2016) talked about the growing prevalence of Type 2 diabetes in the UK and how treatment of the condition itself and the complications it can cause are putting NHS resources under serious strain. 

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The programme also touched on the role of obesity surgery in the resolution of type 2 diabetes, a fact that we have known and seen with our own patients over the last 13 years. General and Upper Gastrointestinal surgeon Mr Markow Daskalakis commented:

"We know that we can treat diabetes with bariatric surgery. It is a cure. We have hard evidence now to use this phrase. It is a cure. For the moment, bariatric surgery is the only way to control the current problem."

If you have type 2 diabetes, a weight loss surgery procedure can help not only to resolve your diabetes but of course help you to lose weight, dramatically improving your quality of life. The impact that weight loss surgery can have on your diabetes will depend on the operation that you choose. A gastric bypass for instance has the most dramatic impact with 80-85% of patients seeing their type 2 diabetes resolved. The effect is so rapid that some patients can even stop their diabetes medication the day after surgery.

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