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Non-scale victories (NSVs)

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3rd June 2016

Forgetting the scale

Following any weight loss procedure, sometimes it can be easy to fall into a pattern of weighing yourself several times a week, and for some patients, even daily. It can be easy to focus solely on the numbers on the scale and the end goal, and forget to reward yourself for the achievements along the way. The importance of this comes if you experience a plateau, or the weight loss slows down for a few days. 

For some, even when they’re doing everything right, weight loss can slow down. We remind patients that this is completely normal and that having motivation is what beats a weight loss plateau. We encourage you to focus on the things you can do now that were never possible before, and reflect on the changes that you have witnessed in the quality of your life. Some of our patients have shared their non-scale victories (NSV) below:

"Being able to do 50 crunches and run on the treadmill" 

"My appetite has definitely decreased and I am less interested in "reward" food. I guess that"s a psychological gain for me" 

"My NSV is going down two notches on my belt!"

"I no longer fill the whole width of the bath- there was definitely an inch either side"

"Being able to try "Clubbercise" for the first time and loving it"

So, remember to take a step back from the scale and focus on your non-scale victories, big or small.

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