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Weight to Go shake vs Innocent smoothie

We love fruit - and fruity drinks can play a part in a weight loss or weight maintenance programme - but when it comes to getting your day off to a protein packed start, you simply can’t beat a Weight to Go shake. 

Let’s have a look at the difference between a Weight to Go shake and an Innocent® Smoothie. I’ve chosen the Weight to Go Strawberry shake and added half a banana for an optimal nutritious and delicious start to the day and to make the comparison between the two drinks more equal.

If you take the WTG shake and banana, calories are 193 - just 60 more than a smoothie but look at the whopping difference in the protein load – 11.0g per serving versus 1.5g per serving. 

As protein is the constituent that fills you up, the WTG shake offers over 7 times more protein per serving. This is very important, because there is good scientific evidence to suggest that protein increases satiety (fullness) thus leading to an overall reduction in calories. A perfect start for the day and great for weight loss!

Dr David Ashton

8th March 2011 

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