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What to eat after weight loss surgery

10th May 2016

Congratulations on making the decision to start a healthier life!

After weight loss surgery, lots of things will change for you, not just your eating habits. The idea is that your whole mental attitude towards food changes and eating becomes less of a comfort and a focus of your daily routine and more of a necessity. Of course, we all still love to enjoy our food, the trick is learning to enjoy it in smaller, and more nutritious portions.

Each bariatric provider will have ‘rules’ that you must follow post-op, to help the stomach heal effectively and it is important that you follow their advice strictly. At Healthier Weight, you will follow a simple diet which will have been explained thoroughly to you at consultation and by our nursing team. You’ll also receive a step-by-step guide when you book your procedure.

During the first two weeks after surgery, many patients say they find it hard to know exactly what type of foods they can ‘eat’ in the liquids stage, so to make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of simple meals that we recommend to our patients:

  • Soups - tinned, dried, cuppa, homemade. Choose smooth varieties without lumps, you may need to dilute thick soups with extra water for a thinner consistency in the early stages (Try Weight to Go soups for added protein)

  • Squash (unsweetened)

  • Yogurt drinks - E.g Actimel or low-fat pouring yogurt

  • Hot drinks -  Low-calorie hot chocolate, tea / coffee (no sugar if possible), Oxo / Bovril / Marmite / stock cube dissolved in hot water

  • Milk - Semi skimmed, Soya, Almond etc.

  • Home made fruit smoothies (diluted with water for a thinner consistency and sieved to remove lumps)

  • Protein shakes – you may need to dilute with water depending on the thickness

  • Ice lollies – great for what we refer to as ‘furry mouth’ which patients can get after not chewing for a while. You can find cheap ice lolly moulds online, simply blend up some fruit and water, strain to remove bits and then freeze overnight.

Throughout the liquid stage (Weeks 1-2), you are aiming for a consistency of liquid that will go through a straw. Do not, however, actually drink through a straw as you may take in a lot of air which could cause discomfort – use as a guide only. Also, we advise that you avoid fizzy drinks in the early days after surgery as they may cause pain from trapped wind.

We are looking to create a book with recipes from patients, for patients. So, if you have any yummy suggestions, we’d love to hear them!


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