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Weight Loss Injections – How much weight will I lose ?

Weight Loss Injections – How much weight will I lose?
Could a medically supervised weight loss programme work for you?
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You may have read about weight loss injections and hormone injections for weight loss in the news.

These injections make use of the same drug that sits behind the weight loss programmes offered by Slim Without Surgery as well as providers such as Skinny Jab, Slender Pen, etc.

The weight loss results for this drug are based on a clinical trial called the SCALE Trial*. It was conducted in 13 centres across Europe and included over 3,000 patients. This trial is the only reliable source of weight loss data for this drug. People thinking of using these injections should rely on it and be very suspicious of anything they are quoted that is different. The SCALE results were prepared under clinical trial protocols and were independently verified so they meet the highest standard of outcome reporting available.

The trial results run to hundreds of pages so we will include just a couple of key points here:

  1. Your weight loss with the drug is higher when the dose is higher

  2. If you take a low dose you can expect a very low weight loss outcome

  3. At a dose of 1.2mg, the weight loss outcome was only 2kg more than the weight loss for patients on the placebo (a dummy drug with no effect) 

Here are the key weight loss statistics we have drawn from the study. All results are based on patients who stayed on the programme for 52 weeks.

 3.0mg/day  1.2mg/day
 Weight loss   11.5kg  6.5kg
 % of patients losing more than 10% of starting weight  37%  17%

IMPORTANT: 3.0mg per day is the manufacturer’s recommended daily dose for optimal weight loss results.

We know that some providers are prescribing weight loss injections at doses far below those recommended by the manufacturer. Patients who subscribe to these services need to understand that the weight loss results will be lower. They should also be very careful to make sure that they know what they are paying for. At the recommended dose patients need more pens and will, therefore, pay more. When comparing providers please ensure you know what dose you are getting.

At Healthier Weight we recommend the programme offered by Slim Without Surgery.

This programme has been built with the manufacturer’s input and is based on the findings of the SCALE trial. In addition, patients entering the programme will benefit from:

  • Doctor consultation and support throughout

  • Medication at the manufacturer’s recommended 3.0mg per day dose

  • Free blood test to make sure you are a good candidate for the programme

  • Weekly contact with a multi-disciplinary support team to keep you on track.


To enquire about the Slim Without Surgery’s doctor supervised weight loss injection programme, please call them on 0800 531 6703 or use the enquiry form on this page.


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*Read more about the SCALE trial here 

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