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The financial benefits of weight loss surgery

Financial benefits of weight loss surgery

If you are thinking about weight loss surgery you are probably considering how you are going to pay for it and whether it makes sense financially.

We know it’s a big commitment and you need to feel sure that the health and quality of life benefits justify the cost. Get a personalised quotation here so you know exactly what the costs are.

When you are weighing up the financial pros and cons it’s important that you that consider the financial benefits that surgery will bring as well as the costs. 

We often see patients in clinic who will talk about the money they have saved on food and meals. One particular patient, who had surgery with Mr Singhal in Birmingham, told us at their September clinic review that they had saved £1000 in food and takeaway costs in the 4 months since their surgery in June. That may be an extreme example but the savings are real. They wouldn’t be the same for everyone, as there are lots of variables, but you could reasonably expect to make savings in the following areas:

  • Food and meals
  • Restaurant and takeaway costs
  • Expenditure on alcohol
  • Potentially future costs associated with prescriptions (associated with weight related health issues)


*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed
"Paid Work Increases and State Benefit Claims Decrease after Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery" - Hawkins et al

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Finance plans

The other thing to consider is that people who lose weight with weight loss surgery see their earning potential increase. A study into this by Hawkins et al that was published in Obesity Surgery, showed that surgery patients were able to increase their earnings by increasing the hours they were available for work. This study showed that 32% of patients increased their hours. Our Band Butler blog on ‘Self funding surgery’ contains more on this.

Some people will want to fund their procedure by paying in one go, some will use an interest free credit card and some will take a loan. We offer a range of finance plans* that are designed to meet the needs of different patients. Request a personalised quote today and see the plans that are available.

So, in summary, when you are balancing up the costs, remember these benefits. Please also remember that your weight loss is dependent on great aftercare. Our aftercare package is proven to deliver outcomes that place Healthier Weight among the leading independent providers in the world.

*Finance subject to individual status and UK residence. Terms and conditions apply. Healthier Weight is a trading name of Weight to Go Limited (WTG) which is a registered credit broker and not a lender.

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.