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We appreciate that the decision to have weight loss surgery probably follows years of failing with diets alone so it's understandable you want to leave your "dieting days" behind you. However, although you don't need to follow a strict diet after surgery, monitoring your calories and portion sizes makes it a lot easier to reach and stay at your target weight.  

Patients tell us that one of the reasons for their weight problem was portion control; it’s difficult to manage and it's a hassle. Using some portion controlled meals after surgery takes away this uncertainty and helps you re-adjust.  

Some people find that a shake and cookie per day plus their own foods works for them, others like to follow a low calorie diet for 2 days per week and their own diet for the other 5. There may be times where you need more structure to get back on track or you'd like a weight loss boost. Simply slot Weight to Go meals into your daily menu in whatever way suits you.

About to have / just had surgery

Every weight loss surgery patient needs to follow a carefully planned diet before and after surgery to aid recovery and to meet nutritional needs. 

The Surgery Box includes everything you need for the pre-op diet, and also the post-op liquids only and puree / soft solids phases.

Pre and post operative diet

Adjusting eating habits after surgery

Following the liquid and puree phases after surgery, you transition to 'normal foods' and it's this period that's crucial to your long term success. 

Include some low calorie, portion controlled meals to remove decision anxiety over which foods are suitable and adjust portion sizes.

Weight maintenance plans

Need a structured weight loss plan?

There are times when a structured diet plan is the best solution. Perhaps you aren't eligible for surgery or you don't feel ready to consider surgery? Or perhaps you want to give your weight loss a boost for an event or you've reverted to bad habits?

Decision free... no hassle... great results!

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