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The Weight Loss Readiness Test

To be successful in losing weight, you need to set priorities and have the right attitudes. Before embarking on a diet such as the Weight to Go diet, it’s useful to assess your attitudes and readiness for the change that is involved in a weight loss programme. For each question, note the score of the answer that best describes your attitude and when you have finished, add up your answers and compare with the scoring guide at the end of the section.

1. Compared to previous attempts to lose weight, how motivated are you this time?

  • Not at all motivated = 1
  • Slightly motivated = 2
  • Somewhat motivated = 3
  • Quite motivated = 4
  • Highly motivated = 5


2. To what extent do you agree with the statement: “In order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, individuals need to make permanent, not temporary, changes in their eating habits and physical activity patterns?”

  • Strongly disagree = 1
  • Mildly disagree = 2
  • Don’t disagree = 3
  • Agree = 4
  • Strongly agree = 5


3. Taking into account all the various demands placed upon your time (work responsibilities, family commitments, social obligations etc) how strong is your commitment to keeping a food and physical activity diary?

  • Not at all strong = 1
  • Fairly strong = 2
  • Quite strong = 3
  • Strong = 4
  • Very strong = 5


4.  Think honestly about the amount of weight you would like to lose and how quickly you are hoping to lose it. Assuming you can lose around 2-4 lbs per week, how realistic are you with your own weight loss expectations?

  • Completely unrealistic = 1
  • Somewhat unrealistic = 2
  • Reasonably realistic = 3
  • Quite realistic = 4
  • Perfectly realistic = 5


5. We all have different reasons for wanting to lose weight. But to what extent are you trying to lose weight because someone else thinks you should?

  • Entirely because of someone else = 1
  • To a large extent = 2
  • To a significant extent = 3
  • To a small extent = 4
  • Not at all because of someone else = 5


6. Thinking about the various factors which may influence your ability to lose weight, to what extent do you think these are within your control?

  • Not at all within your control = 1
  • Partly within your control = 2
  • Significantly within your control = 3
  • Largely within your control =4
  • Entirely within your control = 5


Scoring Guide

If you scored 6 - 16 
This may not be a good time for you to start a weight loss programme. Inadequate motivation and commitment, together with unrealistic goals could prevent you from achieving your objectives. Think carefully about the factors which may be contributing to this and ask whether you are prepared to make losing weight a priority. Think through the advantages of losing weight and the disadvantages of continuing as you are.

If you scored 17 - 23
You may be quite close to being ready to begin a weight loss programme, but you should think of additional ways to motivate yourself before you begin.  Are you prepared to make this a real priority in your life and have you thought through the advantages of losing weight? What else can you do to increase your motivation and commitment?

If you scored 24 - 30
Your current level of motivation and commitment suggest that you are ready to begin a weight loss programme.  By staying focussed and working on your new behaviours, you can be successful!
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