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Claire loses weight with the Orbera balloon

Procedure of choice        Gastric balloon

Starting weight                 14 st 7 lbs

Current weight                 10 st 11 lbs

Total weight loss              3 st 8 lbs 

Trigger for weight loss     To be able to socialise again

Topping out at 14st 7lbs (ish) I felt sluggish and miserable. I no longer enjoyed the outdoor activities I used to love and socialising was becoming a no go area as I felt too embarrassed by my size. I knew I had to do something drastic to change my weight. Like most people I tried dieting first but usually quickly gave up after a month or so when I failed to lose more than a few pounds and suffering from depression I was turning to food for comfort. I have never been a junk food, crisp or chocolate fiend but my portion sizes were out of control. I knew I needed to lose 3-4 stones to get back to a normal BMI and regain some confidence.  


After discussions with Mr Whitelaw at Healthier Weight I decided to opt for the Orbera gastric balloon. It was non-surgical and temporary and as I had lost weight in the past for my wedding and had been average weight with a healthy BMI most of my life I felt comfortable that opting for a short sharp shock to break my habits was the right thing for me.  


Healthier Weight made sure I understood the procedure, what life would be like whilst I had the balloon and what to expect in the immediate aftermath.  It immediately prohibited my ability to gorge and limited the types of food I could eat. I could no longer eat the filing and comforting breads, pastas and bulk I was used to. I quickly learnt my new tolerances and with lots of discipline and whilst it wasn’t smooth sailing, after 4 months with the balloon and continuing the regime post removal I am now at a more modest 11st with around 7lbs left to lose until I am at a healthy BMI and reach my target. I am still losing weight without the balloon and truly understand I can’t go back to eating the way I was before. The balloon was exactly what I needed and gave me my life back.


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