A structured support programme

As the gastric balloon is a temporary procedure, the support you receive both whilst the balloon is in place and after it is removed, will determine your results. Without a structured programme to support you to make changes to your diet, and exercise habits, you are more likely to revert to bad habits and regain weight once the balloon is removed.

Try to view the balloon as only part of the solution. This is why our support package is so important. We support you while the balloon is in place AND for 6 months after it is removed. Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years supporting balloon patients. This team will give you the reassurance and support you need to get the best from your balloon experience. With no unnecessary gimmicks, we are focused on you and your weight loss, and that is hoe we designed the package.

 More specifically, our package includes:

  • Free 30 day warranty against rupture – replacement balloon if your balloon ruptures
  • Specialist aftercare support from expert nurses nationally
  • Behavioural support programme to help you change your relationship with food
  • Your balloon will be placed by a gastroenterologist or surgeon who is UK based and who works privately and in the NHS.
  • We’ll do your procedure in a high quality private hospital
  • We provide a structured diet plan to help you adjust to healthy eating habits
  • We will contact you regularly to encourage you and to monitor your progress
  • Clinic visits as needed to see our specialist bariatric nurses.
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