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NHS gastric balloon vs private

Gastric balloon

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Can I have a gastric balloon on the NHS?

The short answer is 'no' and the main reason why NHS patients don’t have gastric balloons is because the NHS targets surgery at those people who are experiencing weight related health problems such as Type 2 Diabetes.

The simple fact is that for these patients the surgical options are better than the balloon. A gastric bypass or gastric sleeve is a much better option when it comes to sustainable weight loss and resolving weight related health issues.

The balloon is occasionally used in the NHS but these procedures are targeted at patients who need to lose some weight in order to make them a safer surgery risk when they have a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. The approach of using a balloon ahead of surgery is rare but there are NHS Trusts that do this. Read more about gastric balloons here.

The fact balloons are not done in the NHS doesn’t mean that they are not a good option for the right patients, they are simply not the best option for patients who meet the NICE guidelines for NHS funded surgery.

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

The balloon is better suited to those people who meet the following criteria:

  • BMI is between 27 and 35 (check your BMI here) – although we will do balloons for bigger patients
  • You do not want a surgical procedure
  • You have exhausted diets to try and manage your weight and want something more
  • You believe that the 6-12 month short term weight loss the balloon will help you achieve can be a catalyst for the diet and exercise habits required to keep the weight off for the long term.


The balloon is often regarded as the step between dieting/weight loss programmes and weight loss surgery. For obvious reasons people would prefer to address their weight problems before they need surgery and the balloon can help with this. Generally speaking it’s better to have the balloon before your BMI gets too high.

As the NHS does very few balloons (fewer than 200 per year) if you want a gastric balloon to help you manage your weight, you’ll have to have it privately. A gastric balloon costs about £4,000. This would be a 6-month BIB balloon, including aftercare package. The new 12-month balloon, Orbera 365, would cost a little more. With the interest free finance plans we make available this could be more affordable than it first appears.

If you would like a personalised quotation for a gastric balloon, please call on 0800 313 4618 or enquire here. We’ll include details of the finance plans available in our quotation.

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

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