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Orbera 365

Orbera 365™

Orbera 365 with Healthier Weight

What is the Orbera 365™?

The Orbera 365 is a new development that is proven to reduce weight without surgery. 

The Orbera 6 month balloon has been the world’s leading gastric balloon for 20 years, where over 250,000 have been implanted. The new Orbera 365™ is designed to sit in your stomach for 12 months.  By doubling the length of time that the balloon remains in the stomach the period of time when it is helping you to make permanent changes to your diet and eating habits is doubled. It is a simple, safe and highly effective device that delivers proven results.

This is an important  development as the role of the balloon is to provide a transition from your old diet and eating habits to your new. The early studies show that the Orbera 365™ helps balloon patients maintain their weight loss for longer than those who opt for a 6 month balloon. It is also cheaper than the surgical options available.

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All the benefits of the 6 month Orbera

 The 12 month device offers all of the benefits of the 6 month balloon when compared to surgery. 

  • Day case procedure - you'll only be in the hospital for about 4 hours
  • No need for general anaesthetic
  • No scarring
  • No change to the anatomy
  • Safer than surgery


When combined with the 6 month support package we provide, the chances of achieving your long term weight loss goals with a gastric balloon have never been better.

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