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Orbera 365™ patient data

The Orbera 365 is an important development in the non surgical treatment of obesity. 

We have used a 6 month gastric balloon for many years and it has proved a safe and effective treatment. By extending the length of time that the balloon stays in place to 12 months we double the period when patients can change their diet and eating habits before the balloon is removed.

Our confidence in the 12 months balloon is based on data that was published in Surgical Endoscopy Magazine in August 2015. The article was entitled ‘Intragastric balloon for obesity treatment: Results of a multicentric evaluation for balloons left in place for more than 6 months’.

This study took data from eight centres where balloons had been implanted and the period before the balloon was removed was extended beyond 6 months. In total 611 cases were reviewed with the explantation period extending from 6 – 15 months.

The important findings were that there was no increased risk of a complication by extending the implantation period of the balloon.  Also, the results showed that the total amount of weight loss achieved in this group of patients was marginally higher than for a similar group with the balloon removed at 6 months. 

This means that the weight loss you achieve with your balloon in place increases slightly and extends to the time when the balloon is removed. This is achieved without increased risk of complication.

The extended period with the balloon in place will give longer to adapt to your new way of eating and your new lifestyle, with the aim of helping you maintain your weight loss after the balloon is removed.

You can see the full publication from Surgical Endoscopy magazine here.

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