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Gastric Band Before and After Photos

before and after gastric band Claire

If you're considering gastric band surgery, you're probably wondering how much weight you could lose. The reality is that weight loss cannot be predicted accurately as everyone loses weight at different rates, but as a guide we expect gastric band patients to lose 50-60% of their excess weight over 2 years. On this page we have collated a selection of patient photos showing their appearance both before and after having a gastric band fitted. All of these people started their journey with us by taking the bold step of calling or emailing us to explore their weight loss surgery options. All of them took advantage of our free, no obligation, consultation with a weight loss surgeon to ensure they had the personalised information needed to ensure they could make a success of their gastric band procedure. Enquire here to arrange your free consultation..

We've helped thousands of people just like you to lose weight with a gastric band and many are happy to share their before and after photos, and weight loss results. Here are just a few of their stories in their own words. Most of the after photos you see here were taken at one of our popular photoshoot events where we celebrate our patients' success with a professional make-over. Please note however that we do not manipulate the photos in any way.

You may also be interested to see Lisa’s video blog. Lisa had a gastric band with us and kept a video diary of her journey. Lisa’s story is typical of many patients. She has dropped more than 8 dress sizes in less than a year. See a short video with her story here.

When you read their stories, you may find that you share certain feelings or frustrations or you've experienced similar life events. Many patients talk about a 'trigger' moment or event when they realised it was time to do something about their weight and that they couldn't do it on their own. If this is true for you, take inspiration from their success and take the next step on your own weight loss journey.

Could your success story be appearing on this page within 12 months? Call 0800 640 6767 or complete our enquiry form here to arrange a free gastric band consultation at one of our nationwide clinics. We’re here to help and look forward to speaking to you.

Call 0800 640 6767 to arrange a free gastric band consultation at one of our nationwide clinics

Tracy dropped from a size 28 to a size 10. "I was fed up of hunting for decent clothes in over-sized shops"*

Tracy before surgery
Tracy after surgery

Tracy's story is very common. Despite spending years and money on diets and slimming clubs, her weight was increasing. Any success was short lived, she would lose weight, only to put it all back on - and more.

"I used to fly club class to guarantee a larger seat and avoid the embarrassment of asking for a belt extension. Now simply fitting into a normal seat and being able to put the tray down is a real joy"*

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Jackie had done diet after diet. "I kept convincing myself 'this time' it will work"*

Jackie before her gastric band
Jackie after her gastric band

Jackie came to Healthier Weight as she felt she needed to do something to alleviate her chronic back pain. In the first 6 months after gastric band surgery, Jackie lost almost 6 stone and her weight loss brought a number of health benefits too.

"My health has improved significantly, my back pain’s better; my hair’s better; my skin’s better and I’ve got more life, more energy and more confidence"*

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Frank lost almost 8 stone after gastric band surgery. "I have got back to my normal self again"*

Frank before
Frank afterwards

Frank had been trying to lose weight but knew bad habits, lifestyle and occupation as a restaurant owner were making it difficult to succeed without help. He researched gastric bands online and found Healthier Weight.

"I went to get out of bed but was stuck and had to roll off the bed. I stopped in front of the mirror and thought what's happened? I was wearing size 52 waist trousers and size 64 chest jacket"*

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Amanda's health and confidence were being affected by her weight. "I didn't want to be big, fat and fifty”*

Amanda's before photo
Amanda's after photo

Rather than try and find size 22-24 clothes on the high street, Amanda answered a classified ad. The lady had lost 10 stone with a gastric band and this chance meeting turned out to be a turning point in Amanda’s life.

"Having the gastric band has changed my life, I no longer have to cover up with long shirts like bigger people, and can feel comfortable in a dress rather than having to wear separates all the time"*

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Victoria suffers with PCOS . "My skin has improved and now I have a period every month, I can have children"*

Victoria before surgery
Victoria after gastric band

After years of unsuccessful dieting, Victoria's weight began to impact her work. Accepting that she couldn’t maintain a healthy weight on her own, she had gastric band surgery, has lost almost 11 stone and has seen an improvement in her PCOS symptoms.

"I now know that I have so many more options in life – and when the time is right I will be able to start a family, which prior to the surgery was just a dream."*

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Graham had done diet after diet. "I became addicted to a fat way of life"*

Graham before
Graham after

Graham was very active in his youth but although his activity reduced over the years, his portion sizes did not. At 23 stone his mobility was affected, even walking was agony, and he needed a knee replacement. Facing a second knee replacement, he decided to do something about his weight.

"I would think about food all day long, I needed a “fix” every two hours and getting the fix became the focus of the day"*

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Erin felt her life was out of control and felt guilty for being overweight. "I felt hungry all the time"*

Erin before
Erin after gastric band

At 16 stone, Erin felt her life was out of control. After lots of research she chose Healthier Weight because "they had the best reviews on their website and the best feedback in the forums". She feels that her gastric band is an investment in her future.

"There are so many positives to having a gastric band. It is not an easy fix but it helps in ways diet programmes never did, especially with controlling hunger"*

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