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Benefits of a Gastric Band | Healthier Weight

Benefits of a Gastric Band

benefits of a gastric band
benefits of a gastric band
Gastric banding has a major, often dramatic, impact on a wide variety of obesity associated conditions. There is, quite simply, no other therapy which improves quality of life so much and so clearly protects people from premature death and disability. A Healthier Weight study on band results published in Obesity Surgery in 2007 showed that gastric banding reduced the risk of premature death in obese subjects by 60%.

General band benefits: 

  • Safe - gastric band surgery has a low risk of complications when performed by a good surgeon  
  • Fully reversible - The anatomy of the stomach is not altered in any way
  • Successful - 50-60% excess weight loss (most in first year)*. Read patient study 
  • Fast recovery - 30-45 min procedure with minimal scarring. Most patients are back to work in a week depending on job

Health Benefits of a Gastric Band

Type II diabetes 60% of patients will have complete resolution of their diabetes 
75% of patients will be able to reduce or stop their anti-hypertensive (blood pressure) medication 
Dyslipidaemia 75% of patients show major improvement or complete resolution of abnormal cholesterol
Sleep apnoea 75% of patients discontinue CPAP†. Improved sleeping patterns, snoring and daytime fatigue - Read more
Reflux 90% of patients will experience major and rapid resolution of symptoms
Stress incontinence Most patients experience marked improvement or complete resolution of symptoms
Infertility and PCOS* 90% of patients experience correction of underlying hormonal problems and restored fertility
Asthma Patients with asthma see marked improvement in symptoms and a reduction in medication
Liver disease (NASH) 
80% of patients will have complete resolution of liver disease
Back pain and arthritis Gastric band patients experience marked reduction in joint / back pain and increased mobility
Psychological wellbeing Reduced depressive symptoms and anxiety, improved social interaction and overall quality of life

 † Continuous Positive Airways Pressure     * Polycystic ovarian syndrome     ¶ Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

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