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Benefits of a Gastric Band

benefits of a gastric band
benefits of a gastric band

Gastric banding has a major, often dramatic, impact on a wide variety of obesity associated conditions. There is, quite simply, no other therapy which improves quality of life so much and so clearly protects people from premature death and disability. A Healthier Weight study on band results published in Obesity Surgery in 2007 showed that gastric banding reduced the risk of premature death in obese subjects by 60%.

These results were confirmed in a further study of Healthier Weight patients that was completed in 2017. The gastric band is proven to be a safe and effective procedure. It delivers long term weight loss and the health and quality of life improvement that go hand in hand with that. The band is the safest weight loss surgery procedure and for most patients represents the safest way to achieve the weight loss outcome they are seeking. You can find listed below some of the benefits of gastric band surgery, including detailed list of the health benefits it provides.

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General band benefits: 


  • Safe - gastric band surgery has a low risk of complications when performed by a good surgeon  
  • Fully reversible - The anatomy of the stomach is not altered in any way
  • Successful - 50-60% excess weight loss (most in first year)*. Read patient study 
  • Fast recovery - 30-45 min procedure with minimal scarring. Most patients are back to work in a week depending on job




Health Benefits of a Gastric Band


Type II diabetes 60% of patients will have complete resolution of their diabetes 
75% of patients will be able to reduce or stop their anti-hypertensive (blood pressure) medication 
Dyslipidaemia 75% of patients show major improvement or complete resolution of abnormal cholesterol
Sleep apnoea 75% of patients discontinue CPAP†. Improved sleeping patterns, snoring and daytime fatigue - Read more
Reflux 90% of patientswill experience major and rapid resolution of symptoms
Stress incontinence Most patients experience marked improvement or complete resolution of symptoms
Infertility and PCOS* 90% of patients experience correction of underlying hormonal problems and restored fertility
Asthma Patients with asthma see marked improvement in symptoms and a reduction in medication
Liver disease (NASH) 
80% of patients will have complete resolution of liver disease
Back pain and arthritis Gastric band patients experience marked reduction in joint / back pain and increased mobility
Psychological wellbeing Reduced depressive symptoms and anxiety, improved social interaction and overall quality of life


 † Continuous Positive Airways Pressure     * Polycystic ovarian syndrome     ¶ Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis




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