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Pay Monthly Gastric Band

What is it?

The plan is designed to enable you to fund your procedure through a series of monthly payments. We split the total procedure into two parts, the pre-operative period and the post-operative period. There is a fee of £1500 in respect of the pre-operative period and £4500 for the post-operative period meaning the total you will pay for your gastric band package is £6000. Both the pre-operative fee and post-operative fee can be paid monthly. 

Before your gastric band procedure

The pre-operative period runs for 4 months from the date you book your surgery. The fee includes your consultation, pre-operative assessment and all the information we supply to help you be successful with your procedure. It also meets the administration costs associated with your procedure. The fee of £1500 for this part is split into 4 payments of £375 which are paid in the 4 months immediately before your procedure. Payments will be taken on the 1st of each month. You can decide to cancel at any time but the payments you have made will be non-refundable. Equally, if you cancel before your operation, there will be no further payments to make (this applies to the pre-operative fee only). If you miss any payments Healthier Weight will be entitled to cancel your plan.

You can shorten the period between your booking and surgery dates by paying the £1500 more quickly should you wish to do so.

After your procedure

Once you have had your procedure a further £4,500 is payable within 12 months of your surgery date and will be collected in 12 equal instalments of £375 starting on the 1st of the calendar month following your surgery and ending on payment of the final instalment on the 1st of the 12th month following your surgery. You can repay this sum early if you wish without penalty. There are no fees or interest charged under this plan. The £4500 fee is payable under an instalment credit agreement.

The payment schedule:


 Month Description  Payment amount
1 Surgeon consultation £375
2 Pre and post-operative instructions, and surgery documentation £375
3 Hospital pre-assessment £375
4 Healthier Weight pre-assessment call £375
4 Your operation  
5 - 16 Surgery, aftercare and warranty fee £375 per month
 Total  £6000

To apply

We need to be confident that you be will be able to make the monthly payments. Failure to do so would have financial and health consequences. Financially, we would recover any outstanding fees from you and, more importantly, your aftercare and surgical warranty would be cancelled with immediate effect. 

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Terms and conditions 

Your application

Your acceptance onto the gastric band monthly payment plan is entirely at the discretion of Healthier Weight. Healthier Weight reserves the right to make further enquiries of you in order to establish your ability to meet monthly payments.

Surgery location 

This plan is only available for procedures that take place in Birmingham at the Priory Hospital with Mr Singhal. It will be possible to complete your aftercare at the nearest clinic to your home but the surgery must be in Birmingham.

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.