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Gemma's Gastric Band Journey - Day of the surgery


Oh my goodness, I am officially part of the bandit crew & it feels great!

Well, when I say great I don't mean I feel great in myself as I am in absolute agony with this trapped wind but I feel great with my positive mental attitude and looking forward to the journey ahead of me that I know is going to be so worthwhile, especially when I am shopping with the girls! It's been years since I have been able to do such normal things!

My experience

So let me tell you about my experiences so far, I will bare the good, the bad & the ugly because if like me, when contemplating such life changing surgery, you want to dig deep to find out as much information as possible to put your mind at ease and to answer any questions you may have (and trust me, you will have lots!)

I am so pleased I chose to change my life with Healthier Weight. I can honestly say that the support & guidance I have received from the beginning right through to now has been absolutely amazing, I really cannot fault them.

From the minute i enquired about the operation to the minute I checked into the hospital on the day of the operation I have been looked after like I was the only patient in the whole of the hospital that was having the Gastric Band fitted. 

D Day - Surgery Day! 

On the day of my operation I had so many nurses fussing over me, they were very informative on what they were doing, what was going to happen and what to expect, I remember thinking at one point "jeez give me a few minutes so I can take in what is happening here" but I'm glad they didn't because I would probably have bottled it and done a runner out of the hospital! 

Once all the paper work was completed & they checked everything for the millionth time, I was given some rather unflattering socks & a gown to put on, oh and some "gorgeous" paper knickers (which just don't do your bum any justice at all!) in preperation to go down to theatre. It was at this point that the nerves went into overdrive, I remember shaking & thinking I couldn't go through with it and how I wish I had a room full of nurses again to stop me thinking about what was about to happen but I didn't, i did however have one lovely nurse and my fiancée holding my hand as we walked down to theatre! I was upset my fiancée couldn't stay with me until I fell asleep but the lovely nurse held my hand tight and was by my side until I fell asleep peacfully. I was anxious about the anaesthetic but having the nurse next to me really did put me at ease. 


After the op

When I awoke I had not one but TWO nurses holding my hands! I was a little hysterical because I was confused but they calmed me down, I really am thankful they were there when I woke up, I remember feeling vulnerable and scared but looking back now I can see it was the anaesthetic!    

Once I was awake, the first feeling I remember was hunger! I surprisingly felt hungry of all things?!

The second feeling, I felt like somebody was sat on my chest, my god it was agony I couldn't breath but I later found out that the surgeon had to pump me full of gas to operate so it was the excess gas and wind which was causing me pain. I was so thirsty too but again I was told I had a tube down my throat when I was asleep so that explains why!

Once I was back in my private room I slept for an hour and drank about 20 million litres of water, no amount of water was going to quench my thirst I tell you!

My stomach felt bloated and swollen, I looked down and saw 5 small incisions and remember thinking what a neat job Mr Singhal had done! The nurses had me up on my feet walking around even though I hated them at this point because all I wanted to do was sleep as I was feeling so groggy but they were right, as soon as I was walking around I instantly felt better and more awake. I was surprised as I wasn't in much pain with my tummy, the thing that was hurting me most after my operation was the trapped wind, it was awful in my left shoulder but I am told this is a normal thing after surgery! 

Once Mr Singhal came round to see me & I was given the all clear I was sent on my way home, well back to the hotel as home was over 3 hours away for me! I was armed with painkillers and blood thinning injections (one injection a night for 7 nights & a box to dispose of them properly) and some paperwork about aftercare etc, the nurse also gave me some peppermint tea to help with the wind issue bless her! 

That night I felt ok when laying down but trying to get off the bed to go to the loo was a different matter. Again the wind pain was making me very uncomfortable and I felt like I could feel the band around my stomach at this point and the tube hanging off from the inside of my wall that it is stitched on to. It is a bizarre feeling but I'm sure I will get used to it in time!

By 11pm i was feeling hungry so my partner made me a shake, I managed 4 sips of it and felt full almost instantly, I could get used to this and I bet he's loving having such a cheap date now haha!

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