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Gemma's Gastric Band Journey - Week 1

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 With her surgery done, it's time for Gemma to recover and learn to adapt to a new lifestyle.

I'm back home now and so pleased to have my home comforts and to see my darling children! 

They have no idea what sort of surgery I have had, I don't want to make a big thing about dieting etc because I would absolutely hate for my daughter to grow up worrying about her weight and appearance like I did/do so I told them that mummy had to have a little operation on my tummy to make me feel better. They are being so well behaved and making such a fuss of me bless their hearts!

Today I feel absolutely exhausted, like the life has been sucked out of me but I can only assume it is because of the painkillers I was on yesterday and of course the anaesthetic so all I want to do at the minute is sleep but my partner is being like the nurses at the hospital and making me get up & move about so I don't have any issues with clotting etc, he is also fussing over me a lot which is annoying me, I know his heart is in the right place but everything is annoying me today because I am tired and sore! 

My wounds are ok, they were stitched inside and then glued on the outside, it looks like someone has attacked me with a glue gun I just want to pick it off but I wouldn't do that, I'm too much of a wimp!

I don't feel hungry at all today, again my partner is forcing me to sip shakes to keep my energy up and he's also plying me with peppermint tea, pain killers, wind medicine and water, honestly he's like a woman! I feel very full even from water but it is because I am so swollen inside, I can see it and I can feel it, I can't wait for this swelling to go down and to feel half normal again.

I can't seem to get comfy today, when I lay down I want to lay on my side but I'm experiencing a bit of pain now so I have to keep changing positions, hopefully I will sleep ok, all I want to do is sleep!

Last night I slept so bad but it wasn't to do with the fact that I have 5 holes in my tummy and I have enough wind to blow Dorothy back to Kansas. It was the future hubby and his snoring!!

Put it this way, with the amount of pain I'm in and how tired I am, he is very lucky he didn't have a pillow over his face! Roll on when he is back to work so I can get a decent nights sleep (I'm joking of course!)

Today I feel good, I am feeling thinner already but that's because I have barely eaten a thing. 

The last time I ate solids was on Monday 12th July & since then I have lived on sips of shakes, bovril, peppermint tea & water! 

I just cannot stomach the shakes I got from the hospital. Sorry guys but they are unpalatable. The texture, the taste, nope just can't do it. They make me feel physically sick so I've bought a bottle of liquid vitamins so I am getting some goodness & I am having an actimel a day too. 

I can't go on like this anymore I am starting to get my appetite back now and the hunger pangs are becoming more and more apparent so I have to sort something out. I think I may contact my old Cambridge Weight Loss Consultant (one of the many quick fix diets I have tried previously to no avail) because I know I like the ready made chocolate shakes when they are ice cold. They remind me of Galaxy Chocolate Milkshake mmm! 

I plan on trying to live my life as normal as possible as of today. I can't keep resting and allowing myself to sleep, I am only going to end up in a bad way mentally, I'm so used to being busy 24/7 so this week off work I'm finding weird! 

Hungry, really really hungry today ... 

Pain is easing, i feel like I need to burp but it won't come out of my stomach, saying that, it won't come out the other end either so I'm constantly sucking on wind tablets to try to help, at least the shoulder pain is easing up slightly now! 

Today is my first day on my own. My partner has gone to Essex to pick up his son as we have him for the weekend so I have the day to myself. What better way to spend your time off work when you're feeling rubbish in yourself than to have a good ole pamper session! 

It's great having a friend who owns a beauty salon, I'm treating myself to a pedicure, manicure, brow wax/tint and a facial - sod it!

I so deserve this after what I've just been through. I know it was my decision to have the op but it's not been an easy journey & i am slowly learning that every day with a gastric band is completely different. 

I'm really missing food too, I don't know how I am going to get through this stage, I can't believe how hungry I feel now the swelling is going down. I hope it's not always going to be like this because I can see myself face planting a pie or cake soon!

My lovely therapist has massaged my left shoulder for me today whilst I was having my facial, it felt so good it definitely has helped the pain as I feel so relaxed now. I'm starting to feel less uncomfortable now when sitting and lying down. I have noticed when I lay down I have to hold my stomach down gently and then pick it up (my god it sounds huge!) and hold it to turn over at night, it's the only way I can do it without my port hurting because it really feels like its hanging down inside of me. 

When I hold my tummy and lift it to turn over It reminds me of when I was pregnant actually, I had to do the same with both pregnancies because my bumps were so big! *reminsicing & broody now*

I keep coming over feeling sick and then it goes, I imagine it's because I'm living on nothing. I keep trying to force myself to drink those rancid shakes but they make me feel far worse! Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow? 

It's a scorcher here today! I'm so pleased I live in a seaside town, there is nothing better than building sand castles with my little people whilst getting a tan! It's a fact that being bronzed makes you look & feel slimmer, I'm convinced I'm a bronzed goddess during the summer months but the mirror tells other stories! 

Feel lathargic today, totally wiped out even if i was laying on a beach all day I was knackered. 

Popped to the shops to get some packed lunch stuff for the kids and my partner said I looked really rough (thanks darling) in his defence though I felt/feel rough still. It's really getting to me now not eating and the pain I'm in. It keeps coming and going, just like the nausea. Just wanna feel normal now.

I very nearly passed out this afternoon, I had no choice but to eat something I felt dreadful. Everybody had eaten their lunch so the only thing I could eat was a packet of crisp that was left, it was either those or chips or hot donuts, the beach doesn't cater for bariatric patients unfortunately! 

I sucked the flavouring off and chewed the crisps over 20 times until there was nothing left before I swallowed. It was amazing tasting something lovely and I felt instantly better I couldn't believe it. I managed to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with my family down the beach as that one little packet of crisp gave me so much more energy. 

I'm off to a BBQ tomorrow I'm absolutely dreading it but I must carry on! 

Slept like a baby last night, it must have been the lack of sleep from previous nights and of course the sun. Didn't even hear my partner snore so I must have been dead to the world! Feel like I needed that sleep, it's tiring having surgery and recovering, people don't even realise.

So we went to a BBQ today, we all had a lovely time and i would be lying if I said I didn't eat a low fat sausage & burger. I had no bun or anything like that, literally just meat & they tasted amazing! I was cautious with the sizes I was putting into my mouth and tried to go with the 20/20 rule. I know I was naughty but when you are living on actimel, liquid vitamins, milk and water you feel so weak you just need something extra. Again as soon as I had eaten it was like I was boosted with energy I felt amazing. 

I can't believe how full I feel now, the old Gemma would have demolished so much and not given it a second thought, this is great! 

Pain wise I feel ok, I get twinges in my port every now and then but I have noticed my port has been hurting more today than the other days and I'm wondering if it's because Mother Nature has decided to show up over a week early? Perhaps I'm all bloated and swollen in that area & it's pushed my stomach and port slightly? Who knows, I'm no doctor!

Feeling really miserable now, it's a mixture of hormones and hunger. I feel slimmer and my partner has even said I look slimmer in the face. I think I have one side chin now as apposed to two! 

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

I woke up so hungry this morning and anxious because my partner has gone back to work now until the weekend so I am left to look after the kids on my own. Not only this, it is my first day back at work and I am kicking myself for not taking another week off. 

I really do not feel ready to go back to work, it's tiring enough as it is let alone working full time and being a mum but oh well, I'm sure I'll manage, I don't really have a choice but to manage! 

Today has been one stressful, tiring and extremely hungry day. I'm not sure I have a band in me now as I am so hungry now, it seems as the days go on I'm becoming more and more hungry? 

I have booked my first fill in with my aftercare nurse Sally! Oh my god she is as mad as a box of frogs and so bonkers, I can't wait to meet her in person she is hilarious!

I can't fault Healthier Weight I really can't. Sally text's me every day without fail, she seems like she genuinely cares about me it's so lovely, I feel like I have known her forever and I can go to her with any worry. 

Speaking of worry, she sent me to the doctors this afternoon because my legs are absolutely killing me. I slept awful last night and was crying with pain. It feels like it's restless legs but they hurt so bad and have shooting pains in them. 

Sally wanted me to go to my GP to check for DVT (blood clots or something) to be on the safe side so I did. 

Doctor was slightly baffled and started reading books and stuff off the internet which I found bizarre?! She couldn't work out what the pain was, she said my legs look fine and I'm a good girl for wearing my special hospital socks at night still but she was none the wiser as to what this mysterious pain was. 

I told her that when I kept googling my symptoms Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) kept coming up but she brushed it off. I then said well doesn't that (RLS) tend to happen when we are lacking salt or something specific in our diet, it was then that she realised what I was getting at. I told her that before my surgery I led a very high salt intake diet I literally would cover my food in it, she said it is likely to be why I have the leg pain as I have gone from lots to none so quickly, she also said it could be circulation because I am breathing from my chest at the minute since I had my op and not my lungs so it could be a little bit of hyperventilation also. She showed me some breathing technics, told me to drink more Bovril and sent me on my way! So random! 

I have found that wearing my socks at night really help my legs so I'm hoping the pain passes. 

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