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How much weight will I lose with a gastric band?

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In general, we expect gastric band patients to lose 50-60% of their excess weight over the first 2 years (although the majority of weight is lost during the first year). Of course, many of our band patients exceed this average and go on to lose all of their excess weight*. 


Weight loss results with a gastric band can vary, and the amount of weight you lose will depend on how well you are able to follow the rules for band success; to eat slowly, to eat foods of the right texture, and to cut down or cut out high calorie soft foods and drinks. We give more detail in the food and drink section of our FAQ's page, and also during your consultation.

Our patients lose avg of 1st 8lbs in 5 weeks*

See some of our patients before and after photos.

Short term gastric band results

A review of the last 101 patients to have a gastric band as of December 2013 showed that at their first band adjustment just 5 weeks after their procedure, the average weight loss was 1 stone 8lbs (8.6% of starting weight). That's before their band had even been filled*.

So how can we help you to achieve such great results so quickly? We're weight loss specialists and with our whole team dedicated to your success, it shows directly in your weight loss results. You'll receive behavioural support, nutritional advice and medical care that is second to none. As a result, you can expect to lose more weight as a Healthier Weight patient*.

Long term gastric band results

There are lots of publications that show average weight loss results with a gastric band, and Healthier Weight is proud to be a contributor to those publications. Over the years we have published several papers based on our outcomes, including the largest ever study of gastric bands for private patients in the UK.

Our publications show that gastric band surgery results in an average excess weight loss of 50% to 60% at 2 years post surgery*. It is important to ask whether your chosen provider publishes their results, and we recommend that you ask to see their data. Only in this way can you be sure the outcomes you are being given are real for that provider, and are not being based on what has been achieved elsewhere.

So what does that mean for you? Here's an example of the typical weight loss results that you can expect with a band...

  • Your height:  5ft 6in 
  • Your weight: 17st (240 lbs) 
  • Your ideal weight: 11st (154lbs) 
  • Your excess weight: 86lbs (actual weight 240lbs - ideal weight 154lbs)


With a gastric band, we expect an average loss of 60% excess weight so you could expect to lose around 50lbs (60% of 86lbs excess weight)*

IMPORTANT - research by Healthier Weight has shown that the more weight you lose in the first 5 weeks after band surgery the more you are likely to lose at 12 months, and 24 months. For this reason, we recommend a diet plan to follow during this period and work very hard to maximise your weight loss at 5 weeks. The result is that our patients lose on average 7.5% of their starting weight in the first 5 weeks after their surgery, an average of 1 stone 8 lbs*.

What happens to weight loss in the longer term (e.g. 10+ years from now)? 

Evidence from the 20 years since the first laparoscopic gastric band procedure took place in 1993 shows that gastric band surgery provides lasting weight loss for the majority of people, and that the gastric band material itself (silicone) does not degrade in any significant way. This is especially true of the latest generation of gastric bands which incorporate many design improvements. 

So whilst we do not yet have studies showing what happens to gastric bands after 30 or 40 years, we have no reason to doubt that the lap band will function perfectly well for decades. Read the Healthier Weight 12 year study of Gastric Band patients

Do some people fail to lose a significant amount of weight with a gastric band?

Yes, it is possible to fail with a gastric band, and in most studies the failure rate is 10-15%. The patients who fail are those who are unable to follow the golden rules for success. We will discuss these in detail at your consultation, and the guidance that you need for successful results will be provided by us both pre and post-surgery. 

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.