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Welcome to my gastric band diary!

We're following Laura on her gastric band journey to become a slimmer, more confident mother and business owner.

We've always been up front and honest when we meet our prospective patients and this in depth account from Laura will help others to make an informed decision. We thank Laura for letting us tell her story.

"I'm a mum of 4 and had endometriosis which resulted in having a hysterectomy at 31! I'm now in surgical menopause and my weight has piled on and it's so hard to shift. I've started a makeup and skin care business which requires a lot of videos and selfies and reaching out to a lot of people on social media, yet I feel awful and hugely edit mine. I want to get the old me back and be confident. I'm only 35 and want to feel comfortable in my body again."

General weight loss news

  • laura-week-1-avatar.jpg Week 1The day of the surgery. I was up at 2am to make the journey in for the 7am arrival. Feeling nervous yet excited. Just drinking water till 5am. Went up to the ward at 7am and was shown to my room.
  • Header Image - WebReady - Week 2.jpg Week 2Today I'm still in a lot of discomfort and struggling to get my 3 'meals in it's such a got week but I'm happy I've made it through another week of fluids only!
  • Header Image - WebReady - Week 3.jpg Week 3Starting the week with a 7lb loss, It's now time for Laura to move from liquids to purees.
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 4Shopping for the pureed stage and learning to eat slowly to avoid those dreaded stuck episodes!
  • Header Image - WebReady - Week 5.jpg Week 5It's time for Laura to move back to normal foods from her post-op diet..
  • Header Image - WebReady - Week 6.jpg Week 6As her first fill approaches, Laura learns that having set meal times and preparing food in advance is better than quick snacking on the go.
  • Header Image - WebReady - Week 7.jpg Week 7This week Laura documents the experience of her first fill..
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 8It's a difficult week for Laura as she loses someone very close to her.
  • Header Image.jpg Week 9Laura is still struggling after lasts week's emotional event sets her back.
  • Header image.jpg Week 10Laura learns more about emotional eating and how to control it.
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 11The past couple of weeks have taken a toll on Laura's eating.
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 12The back to school season approaches for Laura and her children, so shopping trips are an essential! How will she resist the temptation of on the go snacking?
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 13It's adjustment time for Laura. Read about this weeks challenges and successes..
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 14Laura is noticing that her appetite has shrunk and her portions are getting smaller.
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 15Another training even means more food dilemmas. Keeping busy helps Laura to stay distracted from the cravings, however, so it could end up a successful week!
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 16Laura plans ahead to help deal with a family meal at a restaurant and buys herself a new tool to help her eat smaller portions, more slowly.
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 17Laura invests in a new tool to help her eat slowly and avoid stuck episodes
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 18This week started off in a mad rush to get things ready to go to America. I didn't really concentrate on what meals I was eating, and as I was quite stressed I didn't eat a lot...
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 19Laura is hit with jet lag which is throwing her meal times off
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 20After a hectic week, Laura isn't surprised by a small gain.
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 21A number of birthdays mean an indulgent week for Laura resulting in an expected gain.
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 22This week Laura learns how stress can affect her band differently
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 23Laura puts her aftercare package to use and makes a positive turning point in her journey
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 24Some useful food ideas from nurse Maxine
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 25Laura gets her steps in on her trip to London and the snacking makes a return!
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 26Laura hits the 6 month mark and gets more helpful advice from our nursing team
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 27Laura is getting comfortable with the foods she can and can't tolerate
  • 28Blog avatar template.jpg Week 28This week is looking positive for Laura as she gets her eating back under control after a week off
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 29So as predicted I did gain a couple of extra pounds but it wasn't anything disastrous so I'm pretty happy with that. My fridge and snack tub is full of high protein so I'm prepared to get this weight loss on...
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 30So I'm not really sure on what's happened with my weight as I've lost what I put on over Christmas plus an extra 2lb but the actual amount I'm unsure of, where I had been maintaining up and down a pound...
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 31This week was a rather quiet week. Not loving the cold dark weather and longing for some warmth and sunshine! I find myself getting ready for bed early and that's a danger zone for old snacking habits....
  • Blog avatar template.jpg Week 32Having had my band filled I've had a quiet week, 3 days of fluids, which I found really hard d this time, and 3 days soft foods, which I'm finding that 0.5 mls...
  • Week 33.jpg Week 33I have been more aware of what I'm eating this week and making better food choices. I've tried to plan my meals so the whole family are joining in. I do generally try and cook meals...
  • 34Blog avatar template.jpg Week 34Laura kickstarts her week with 2 new exercise classes and a subscription box of healthy food
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 35Laura reaches for comfort food due to feeling under the weather
  • Image - header - Template.jpg Week 36Laura battles Shrove Tuesday and tries to put her love of chocolate and bread behind her
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 37Still feeling sluggish from the flu I'm honestly not focusing on my diet. I've been trying to walk a bit more this week as I'd been resting quite a lot. The weather is turning colder...
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 38It's time for Laura's 4th fill, but this week her nurse decides against an adjustment...
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 39This week has been a bit of a miss mash! We ended up getting snowed in so my meals were what ever we had in the cupboard! I am pretty sure that not only stress but the cold effects my band too...
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 40It's the 9 month mark for Laura!
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 41Although a difficult week, Laura takes part in her first march which makes her really proud.
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 42Laura offers some invaluable advice to those considering weight loss surgery
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 43This week was the school holidays so the children were off. That's either a good thing or bad depending on what we are doing...
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 44This week has been very productive. Schools are back so I've been walking my youngest to school then doing a couple of las around the...
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 45I have a really hectic few weeks ahead of me and this week is rather full on. I've tried to remain focused on getting protein in first just because I'm not really able to sit and eat meals that often...
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 46This week hasn't been too stressful. I have been pretty busy doing lots of housework and school runs which I encompassed a sort of power walk which lasts 40 minutes...
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 47Laura battles with fast food choices, and has a confidence boost at a party with friends
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 48I'm feeling pretty great this week; the extra walking is really helping my positive attitude. I have a very busy week ahead again. I am away for work for five days and really trying to plan my meals ahead, so I'm not forced to eat fast foods or high...
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 49This week the children have broken up from school, so we booked a little weekend away as a family. I'm feeling rather bloated this week, I'm not too sure why...
  • Image - Blog - Template.jpg Week 50Laura hits the one year mark! Watch Laura's final rundown of the past 12 months as she talks about her challenges and successes since her Surgery, and discusses her goals for the future.


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