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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 1


Day 1 - The day of the surgery

I was up at 2am to make the journey in for the 7am arrival. Feeling nervous yet excited. Just drinking water till 5am. Went up to the ward at 7am and was shown to my room. I saw Mr Rishi Singhal and the anaesthetist and signed my consent form.  I changed into my gorgeous paper underwear and popped my gown on. I was first on the list of 7 so I didn’t wait long. I walked down to the theatre and went off to sleep. I didn’t feel so great waking up so it was decided I stay over night. The operation went as planned and the wounds looked very neat, the largest 4/5cm and 4 x 1cm ones. They used a clear glue to cover them so no dressings were needed. I was pretty groggy and the pain was more than I expected but it was my body reacting differently than most people’s I was told.

Day 2

I think I slept most of today didn’t drink much at all as I was still groggy and the pain had subsided so much I just caught up on my sleep haha. I had a shower which I could do as the glue covered the wounds it means I can wash which felt amazing! Had a little walk up the ward the staff were amazing and did anything to help. 

Day 3

I saw Mr. Singhall he was happy everything was back to normal and I was discharged to go home. I was sent home with 7 days worth of blood thinning injections as I’m on hrt so at greater risk of clots, but it’s fine I had these after my hysterectomy so I wasn’t worried as I knew they didn’t hurt and we’re easy to do. I also just went home with paracetamol and diclofenic. The 3 and half hour journey home wasn’t too bad but I was glad to lay flat when I got home! I had my first shake and it is weird to describe it’s not a full felling it’s discomfort so where I'm use to drinking fast and gulping I soon learnt I couldn’t as the gas sat under the band and couldn’t come up which isn't great and I had to wait for it to pass through haha. I had a second shake and a few more drinks before bed. The injection was as expected and tiny and painless. I got my husband to do it for me. 

Day 4

For some reason I felt awful today so uncomfortable and weak. I only managed one shake today and I couldn’t move more than a few steps without feeling faint. Think the past few days finally caught up. I was a little emotional and wanted to sleep but I couldn’t find a place get comfy. I had a shower and managed to settle. The wounds look fab and healing nicely. Think a good sleep is needed. 

Laura - week 1

Day 5

I didn’t manage to sleep much but I realised I took a glucose drink to bed which had caffeine in it.... big mistake haha. But I got up early and felt I could move a lot better than yesterday. It just seems to be where the port is the discomfort is when I move a certain way. I drank more today it was really really hot so I had a low cal icelollies lolly and made my pineapple juice into a slushie ... anything to cool down.  I still only managed 2 shakes today but it was really hot. My wounds still look great some glue is peeling off now. I moved around a lot better today so that made me feel better.

Day 6

I slept really well last night and I got my call from the nurses this morning to ask how things were. I said about my discomfort and she said yep it’s normal to feel like you have been kicked by a donkey in the stomach which made me feel at ease haha.  It was so hot again today I had 2 shakes and a thin  fat free yoghurt. I still am not drinking as much I use too as it can uncomfortable with the wind I need to learn to not naturally gulp! I don’t feel hungry I do get thirsty but only have half a glass at a time as that’s all I feel I’m ok with. My port site is still pulling every now and then especi6if I lift or bend... maybe I shouldn’t lol. Using my pillow to roll over still I working a treat and if I sneeze I grab a cushion and lean over holding it against my wounds to protect them and it doesn’t hurt as much. My 1st Band fill is booked for my 6th week so I’m looking forward to that. 


This week hasn’t been hard to stick to fluids because of the heat and also I just don’t feel hungry. Also recovery takes it out of you so I’ve just been napping and chilling really this week. I’m looking to be more active for my 2nd week but I’m not going to rush things I need to listen to my body. I tolerated thin yoghurt really well on day 6 so pureed food in week 3 doesn’t daunt measures much as it did now. I have a family trip at the end of this week so I need to build my strength back up for that but being on fluids only it can be hard to not feel strong as usual.  I found the surgery very fast and the team did a fab job. I’m just looking ford to these next 2 weeks of seeing how my body carries on adjusting to the band. 

Top tips

  • Buy ready made shakes.... so easy to grab, taste fab and not powdery.
  • Use a pillow over your wounds to cough, sneeze and laugh and turn over.... you can thank me later haha!
  • Don’t rush things and listen to your body.

Looking forward to week 2

Laura x


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