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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 10


Laura is keeping busy to take her mind off things and It's time for her first festival! How will she cope with the lack of food choices?

I actually have a very busy week planned I have my grandads funeral next Tuesday (start of week 11) which I’m running around getting bits to the funeral parlour and newspaper etc and tidying his house ready for next week. Then this weekend I’m going to my first festival!!! Grand age of 35!!

So I’m really not eating very much and when I do it’s just small amounts. Apart from one day I just wanted junk and had a bar of chocolate. The band really is my savior right now, as where as I’d normally eat 3 bars, I only ate one!! Again when I get really upset I either don’t eat at all, or devour anything in sight until I feel bloated and sick and sorry for myself. Eating definitely is an emotional thing for me, I need to start using it as an energy source rather than a security blanket. With the band I don’t need to do that which is such a good feeling knowing I can’t.

The festival was exhausting… like a marathon walking type of exercise, there’s no rest and on your feet walking for miles every day! I had granola and yoghurt for breakfast and some mac and cheese for lunch. I had no dinner but I just wasn’t hungry. Sunday I woke up ready for day two but I was like an old woman hobbling as my legs have never had that much intense exercise. Jumping and walking, dancing for a full on 15 hours non stop! So we took it a bit easier and chilled. I ate granola and yoghurt for breakfast and thought I’d try curried goat and rice for lunch, but the lamb got stuck and I had to run to bring it up, wasn’t so embarrassed this time as everyone was wasted. I just fitted in and pretended I was drinking haha! After that I took the full 20 mins to eat so slowly and ate only a quarter of the salad and rice and left the meat to be safe again I didn’t eat after lunch.

Monday I wanted to sleep for a week but I had to go and sort the last bit for the funeral tomorrow. I weighed my self and lost a couple of pounds but I’m waiting until my second fill to be weighed. It’s really confused me with the huge weight difference between scales so I’ll weigh myself on my scales before I go, then see the difference and keep to that. I’ve also decided I’m joining the gym once the next week is over as I need to get more exercise. Clearly, as the festival has shown me haha. 

Very stressed about tomorrow and I know my eating will go one way or the other. Both are unhealthy but it’s such an extremely emotional day that I’ll have to allow myself to cope how I can. I can’t believe I’m ten weeks out! I’m definitely a dress size smaller.

Laura x


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