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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 12


Laura seems to be getting back on track and is making some good progress with her choices

So, this week we are preparing to go back to school meaning a lot of shopping trips to do! Oh, the joys of parenthood. The temptation of eating badly while shopping is everywhere, you don’t quite realise until you have to change your bad habits, even ordering a hot drink can be a minefield!! I opted for a salad wrap at the fast food restaurants, usually managing about ¾ and never actually finishing it all - which again I’d be able to normally eat that and a protein of chips!

I have an event in 4 weeks so looking for a dress for it, and I hate clothes shopping. Although my weight isn’t dropping as fast, I notice it more in my clothes. I’m only just starting to get comments on losing weight! My stress levels are still pretty high as still sorting my grandads house ready to put on the market and having to continue to be strong for my mum can be exhausting. I would honestly always grab a takeaway each night but now I’m restricted on what I can eat it makes a huge difference! I’m starting to see my behaviour habits change as I no longer crave chocolate which is HUGE for me and my night time snacking is minimal. Most nights I’m not having anything! I still need to concentrate on preparing more healthier meals, but this month I’ve not had the mental capacity or energy to do so. I’m glad September is here as I’m going to refocus and with my band fill next week make more of an effort.

Laura x


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