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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 13


It's adjustment time for Laura as she prepares for a family wedding. Will this fill be what she needs to help her cut her portions down?

So today I had my 2nd fill today. Found out I'd lost 7lbs between band fill appointments. The appointment itself was very quick. We went over how I had been since my first fill, and explained I can still eat a good portion if I take my time chewing and explained how I’m not satisfied for long enough. It was decided that the nurse would give my first ‘real fill’ I had 2.9mls. First and she took that out and replaced with 4.4mls. The needle again was painless and the sensation was less butterfly this time, it was over in a minute.

So, back on fluids for 3 days. It was actually harder this time as my tummy kept grumbling but I stuck with it. On my fourth day I was on puréed foods, so I had scrambled egg. Well I was pessimistic on the impact the fill would have but wow - after just two bites the instant stuck feeling was there! It’s scrambled eggs! So I waited until it passed and took more time to eat the rest. 20 minutes to eat a tiny portion of soft egg. I just couldn’t believe it. On the fifth day it was my brother’s wedding so I was on my feet all day. The food was a buffet and there was nothing I could eat expect a quiche, which I scraped the egg bit out and left everything else. I was too busy to really worry about it, I may have also had a sneaky small portion of a cheesecake (no base), but again after 4 bites I was full so I didn’t push it. That’s all I had.


The next day I had scrambled eggs again and a bit of mash potatoes. My portion size has gone from ¾ of a plate to about the size of a small potato! I really feel more positive about my band as it’s actually doing what I expected it to do. Today I weighed my self and I’ve lost 2lbs this week and it’s less than expected but I still feel when you go onto fluids only you get rid of water weight then that goes back on once food is reintroduced so I think next weeks loss will definitely be better.


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