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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 14


Laura is noticing a change in her portion sizes. Things are going in the right direction! 

So adjusting to the new fill is actually harder than I thought. I have been busy starting to redecorate and still clearing my grandads house out, which has kept my mind pretty occupied. I’m on the go all the time which is good.

When eating, I can eat snacky bits on the go, like I may have a packet of crisps or cheese, but I really can’t eat anything that requires a good chew. Sandwiches were out a long time ago but simple things like salad or chicken breast, it’s just a no go! So, if on the go I stick to fluids as I now have found to eat a meal I have to be sitting (upright). I have to take the full 20 minutes with adequate chewing or it just gets stuck! The fill has made the band quite tight, it’s only 4.4mls but I can’t eat a whole lot. Don’t get me wrong, if I chose to eat chocolate and ice cream that would go down fine, and I guess as much as I wanted, but it’s having the will power not to! It’s actually really good fancying something, then getting it and not being able to eat too much. Even everyday portions are now a third, if not less of what I was normally eating. I’d say a fist is my portion size. Depending on the texture it could be smaller. Again, if it’s soft texture I can eat more as it slips through so those meals are not that often.

Had such a crazy weekend that by Sunday I felt pretty rubbish and on Monday I’d started to come down with chills and it’s wiped me off my feet! I don’t think I’ve really stopped these last 6-8 weeks with everything that’s gone on, so my body has taken a hit and forcing me to rest! My loss wasn’t huge just 1lb, but I’m happy with that as I’ve not been focused. I’m pretty poorly right now but I go away in 4 days for more training so I need to get better and some goodness in me! 

Laura x

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