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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 15


Laura is keeping herself busy which means avoiding the head hunger for now. Will she manage to get a loss this week?

The start of this week I actually spent the day in bed as I was so poorly. The next day I forced myself up as I am going away for training again tomorrow for the weekend and I have booked to get my hair and nails done. I felt pretty groggy and haven’t eaten much but I managed to get through the day and pack my case with a foggy head. I kept my fluids up as I knew not eating much would make it worse.

Friday I travelled by train 4 hours. I had a protein snack pot for my lunch on the train as I’m not confident to eat on the go at the moment. It worked out quite well. That evening was a buffet but everything was either carbs or wraps so I just gave it a miss, which I most probably shouldn’t have. The next morning at breakfast there was a whole host of items to eat but I stuck with scrambled egg as I really didn’t want anything to get stuck or make me uncomfortable as having to sit for hours. At lunch, it was sandwiches and so again I couldn’t eat them so I had a banana! I had such a busy day I hadn’t really thought about eating, but we were going to a red carpet event for dinner and I had pre ordered my food so I knew I could eat it. I had a mushroom starter and vegetable moussaka for my main. I couldn’t finish the main and I didn’t eat my brownie pudding either, but it was really lovely to be social and eat.

The next morning it was a rush so I just had a herbal tea. Lunch was sandwiches again so I didn’t have anything. We travelled home and it took 6 hours! By the time we got to Victoria I was so tired and hungry we popped to McDonald’s and I ordered cheese bites and chicken selects on their own. I ate the cheese bites which were small so I could manage them, but I struggled after 1 chicken select so I gave them away. Totally satisfied. Most probably not the best food choice but I was needing calories fast haha.

On Monday I weighed myself and I’ve lost 3lb, which is brilliant! I’ve finally hit that 2stone target!!!! I’m so happy. I am aware of the lack of food I ate this week though so I’m hoping to maintain my loss this next week.

Laura x

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