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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 16


Laura is confused with the foods her band does and doesn't like. 

This week started on my Step-dad’s birthday and we went out for a family meal. I chose in advance to have a smaller plate meal, which was tempura crab. Everyone around had steak. I wasn’t too bothered, but my crab came in more batter than expected and was so oily that I couldn’t finish it as was making me feel queasy. I had ordered churros for dessert but only had 2 mini ones as again the batter was strange and had to give away my almost full desert. I did get a few comments on “oh the band can’t be right if you can eat” but it was the fact that the food wasn’t nice so I didn’t eat it, which is how I’ve always been.

The 4.4mls in my band seem to be enough right now as my portions are smaller and no matter what I eat, it’s a consistent reminder it’s there and stops me from eating fast and too much. If I have pasta I can eat a nice portion as it slides down, but I still feel full after a smaller portion than normal. It’s 16 weeks and I still haven’t learnt what I can and can’t eat. I still think ‘oh I’ll give it another go’ (say a chip) then it gets stuck, my eyes water and I have to wait for it to pass or spit up! You’d think it was easy, but it’s not. All those years of eating without thinking have caught up with me and I’m having to restrain myself and it does get frustrating. I fancy food then can’t eat it and sometimes it’s such an unpleasant feeling that I wish I had eaten! But those moments are few and far between thankfully. I finished the week losing 1.5 lbs which I’m pleased about, as it’s only just over a week until I’m off to America with work and I need to feel good haha. It’s still a learning curve 16 weeks in!! 

Laura x

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