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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 17


It's a great week for Laura as she learns new techniques to manage her eating, ending the week on a 4lb loss! 

This week was pretty quiet and planning my trip to America next week. I planned the weeks meals and food that I thought would be nutritious and family friendly. I made a lamb stew with lots of vegetables, it was slow cooked so[lr1]  it was really soft, I was looking forward to it all day as it smelt great. When it came to eating it, that was another story. As the vegetables and meat were both fibrous and stringy, they just stuck all the way down. It didn’t matter how slow or small I ate it would just cling to the band and it was struggle so I gave up! Still at week 17, it’s still new! We had spaghetti Bolognese and it went down fine, so it really was the texture of the food.

As I had so much of the food getting stuck we bought a child’s sectioned plate (a cute one haha), just so the portion sizes were right. Also helped to stop my husband still giving me big portions, not that I would eat them, it just made me feel like I had to eat more as it was on the plate. I obviously couldn’t eat much so it was a waste of food and just a mind trick using the smaller section plate. It’s a big plate but has 4 small section which is more than enough. I tried lamb again on Sunday and I only had a very small portion, but it went down fine. The sectioned pate is working wonders as I feel like I’m under no pressure to rush or eat more than I should. I’m finally getting the satisfaction of finishing a dinner! I finished this week with an incredible 4lb loss and in into the next stone bracket now! It’s been a number of years since I’ve seen that number flash up on the scales, so I’m over the moon! With America in 3 days, it couldn’t of happened at a better time!


Laura x

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