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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 18


Laura goes to America, but will she be able to resists the fatty foods and big portions?

This week started off in a mad rush to get things ready to go to America. I didn’t really concentrate on what meals I was eating, and as I was quite stressed I didn’t eat a lot. I flew on the Thursday and they hadn’t ordered me a gluten-free meal, so I just ate a very small salad for whole day. Friday was A hotel breakfast for which I just had fruit. During training, I did pick up a gluten-free lunchbox but as time was limited, I only ate a banana. We had a banquet meal in the evening, which I had a little bit of salad and only a bit of the mash potato for the main as there was a lot of meat. I skipped the pudding as the flight had made my band swell, so my tummy was bloated. Saturday morning, again I had fruit for breakfast and it was another busy day of training. For lunch I picked up a gluten-free lunchbox and ate a little chicken out of the sandwich and ate half a banana. We went out for an evening meal to a Mexican restaurant and I ordered soup and salad. Not knowing that the salad would have full tacos in it, I just ate the broth and a little bit of salad.

On the Sunday we went shopping to the mall, and as we were on a tight schedule I didn’t order any lunch - I can’t eat in a rush nowadays. Again, on the flight home my gluten free meal was not ordered so I decided to go to sleep early. In the morning on the flight they woke us with a breakfast snack and I ate the yoghurt and granola. The trip was amazing but it was good to get home. I know I could take my time to eat, and there were foods I knew I could eat. I weighed myself to only find I’d lost a pound, but my legs and feet were really swollen on the flight home so maybe I’m holding water. It’s been an amazing week and still good to know I can socialise even if I don’t eat much ha ha. It’s the turning up that counts! Hopefully the weight loss will show next week fingers crossed.     

Laura xx    

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