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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 2


It's week two for Laura and as she adjusts to her new lifestyle, she finds ways to fit around her old routine

 Day 7

Today I’m still in a lot of discomfort and struggling to get my 3 ‘meals in it’s such a got week but I’m happy I’ve made it through another week if fluids only! It’s a lot easier now I have my band rather than before as that was some tough going I’m not going to lie haha.  I didn't do too much as it’s hot and I’m not taking in enough I get a little faint being on my feet too long. But I’m happy to chill in this heat. 

Day 8

My aim is to to a bit more active and get my 3 fluid meals in today to see if that helps with my feeling faint. The jabs are coming to an end. They don't hurt at all and I’m glad my husband is doing them as I think I would chicken out! It’s starting to cool down a little today thank goodness. I’m so worried about my scars getting sweaty but they look good. I’m still showering everyday but can’t wait to have a bath but don’t think I’d get out haha. 

Day 9

It’s so much cooler today but I didn’t sleep well with heat last night and it’s getting easier to roll on my side now and get comfy. I’m such a huge side sleeper it was so hard sleeping on my back. I went out today just pooped in the shops and I did really well but started getting sweaty and dizzy after 20mins so had to go sit in the car with water. My hrt isn’t under control as I stopped it as was scared in case the little tablet got stuck so I've asked my gp to go back on gel hrt. I didn’t really think I wouldn’t be able to take tablets straight after! My wounds look great I took a photo update of them today. Discomfort around port site is a little less not so much pulling. 

Day 10

Got a better nights sleep as I was so tired and the air wasn’t so close. So nice to not sweat haha.  I went to my grandads for lunch today. They had fish and chips and I had soup. It wasn’t that bad.... their food smelt lush but I didn’t crave it and I couldn’t even finish my half can of soup! So that was really good to know I can eat while others are eating what I normally would. I was out for 3 hrs and it really drained me I couldn’t wait to get home and rest. 

Day 11

Today we went into town and did a bit of shopping (I didn’t carry anything) I managed 2hrs of walking around with lots of water intake and felt really good doing ‘normal things’ my discomfort is minimal and I just feel really good today. I managed to get my 3 fluid meals in today too. I do find bending over hard still so having to bend my knees and crouch down instead. I still find staying in one option uncomfortable so I just move every half an hour. Yoghurt fills me up more but again I’m not hungry. I actually had a bath tonight and it felt soooooo Good! I managed to wash off all the remaining glue off my wounds so they look even better! Getting out the bath was ok too, I’m a happy bunny now I can bathe again... it’s the small things haha.

Day 12

Today was a big tester day as it’s my nephew’s birthday and a family BBQ. I wasn’t worries so much about the food just about coping on my feet or sitting for a long while as up till now I’ve done 2-3 hours but needed to lay flat when I got home. It felt good to glam it up a bit and look less like a zombie so that was refreshing. It was all day outside there wasn’t any comfy seats to sit on which did make me panic slightly. I just started to mingle and catch up with family and time just whizzed by, when I felt uncomfortable sitting id just get up and have a wander. I got aske a lot about what surgery I had done and I just told the truth as I don’t want to hide it and make it a stigma of ‘cheating’ or ‘cosmetic surgery’ as it’s far from it. This is my investment to myself and my family to stay well and become healthy. Other people’s options normally I can take to heart or they bother me, but I have researched and gone back and forth over this procedure that I’m 100% confident in my decision and I’m excited to see the new me in a few months and each month after that. So any negative naceys can have their option and that’s all it will be, their opinion and I’m happy with that. My goal of this is to show you don’t have to be of a certain age or weight to get this done and it is a lifestyle and health choice for the better and create a positive relation to the surgery.

So back to the party, the BBQ food smelt amazing and the only thing that I wished I could of tried was the fried crab, but I didn’t even smell it ha-ha, I’m not particularly hungry I just get a slight ache in my stomach which I have a drink and if in 15 mins it hasn’t gone and it’s been more than 2hrs of not having anything I will then have a ‘meal’. Ok don’t judge but I actually had a baby fruit pouch!! It’s just 100% fruit all pureed and 60cals and a tiny perfect portion for me right now, it was actually really nice ha-ha, although I did sneak into a room by self to have it as I know my older brother would jibe me for it ha-ha. I have no shame it was lovely! I drank water and iced tea slowly throughout the day and I felt completely satisfied. We called it a day after 6 hours as I was dead on my feet but it was such a good day, and it really set my mind at ease that I actually can do more than I was letting myself, doesn’t  mean ill be running a marathon ha-ha but it’s a step in the right direction.

Day 13

Well let’s say that today I am feeling the effects of standing for a long time is an understatement! Gees I have muscles I didn’t know I had!! Obviously where I’m still guarding my upper tummy I’m using different muscles especially in my back, boy that’s a killer today, safe to say ill be pottering around today. I have been ok trying to stick to my 3 ‘meals’ but I can get lazy as I don’t feel the need to eat I just won’t so I am pushing myself to get them all in. I’m finding having at least one protein shake/smoothie/yogurt a day helps with my energy levels as soup and normal yoghurts even shakes just don’t have the same effect. My wounds are looking grand and bruising is finally looking minimal, the only downside is I have huge stretch marks all up my tummy so the longest scar runs across two of them and currently it pulls in an bit so I’m hoping with massage and oil it can stop the tissues from forming a harder scar there but I’ll keep you posted!

Day 14

Whoop whoop we made it 2 weeks out!! Not that I had any choice ha-ha but this is my last fluid’s day, but I have had a couple of the last days of 1 pureed food and they were fine to have. Today I went to my Granada’s again, I’m his main carer so I feel a little guilty for not being able to do much, but my husband’s been doing the manual part while I just sit and chat with him. I had soup with him and still takes me ten minutes to have just less than half the can and I’m actually really full after. The only issues I’m still having is burping!! It just feels like it sits under my band and won’t come up and it can be really uncomfortable so I have to move around for it either come up or disperse. I’m looking forward to weigh in tomorrow and update pics as week one I lost 2lb (I had to go by my pre op weight as I forgot to weight myself before I went in!! I was hoping for more but I was so swollen last week still. 

My top fluids

  • Readymade shakes – these are life savers!
  • Protein shakes
  • Protein smoothies
  • Soups
  • Yoghurts
  • Light custard
  • Pineapple juice into a slushy
  • Low cal ice lollies

These past 2 weeks were pretty easy to stick to as I haven’t felt the need to eat and the hot weather defiantly helped! My energy levels have slowly picked up and the need for paracetamol has dropped to just once in the morning. I’m back to taking my hrt tablets as they are small and I’ve had no issues with them going through. A tip for this week would be add a teaspoon of sugar to a hot drink if feeling faint just for a sugar boost but only once a day and don’t be afraid to push yourself a little as you definitely feel better for doing so just listen to your body and rest when you need to!

Laura x


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