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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 20


Laura's takes positive action to boost her mood and help her get back on track!

I’m really not feeling great this week, my mood is pretty low and I’m not as active. My weight went up 2lbs which hasn’t helped as I haven’t really eaten anything that bad. Maybe I’ll start a daily food diary as I’m staying around the same weight - still a good 2 and half stone from target! With low moods I generally ‘crave’ rubbish foods and I had 2 evenings of eating chocolate and crisps, which made me feel awful. My tummy was bloated and cramps were happening. I’m trying to stay gluten free but obviously I didn’t and the payback is immense, it’s like I’ll try every now and then to see if I am gluten intolerant just in case I got it wrong, but every time I kick myself as my tummy swells and I’m in pain for a good day or so!

Feeling lethargic and low we decided to get out and go for a long walk to burn off some pent up cortisone that I’m guessing I’ve harboured over the last week. It made a huge difference, my mood picked up, my focus on what wanted to eat picked up and the whole family were just more perky. I know it’s common sense but sometimes you do find yourself in that rut and with the band I can’t just wallow and eat myself into a food coma anymore, so I had to take positive action. So it’s been another learning curve in a different way that the band is helping adjust my life to a more healthier life, not just food wise but mentally and physically. It’s a huge plus.

Laura x

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