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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 21


A hectic week, and lots of birthday outings, has left Laura with a small gain.

This week was a bit of hectic week, I walked for what seemed miles in the freezing cold with the children. We had a couple of birthdays too so we were going to different members of family in the evenings to celebrate with a thin slice of cake, as sandwiches and hotdogs are off the menu! I didn’t really seem to stop but where I wasn’t eating the food offered I’d then ‘snack’ on the wrong things like a chocolate bar to get the energy boost which wasn’t the best idea. I was pretty stressed out as we had my grandad’s ashes to be scattered and it was an emotional event which I think contributed to my stress. On the same day, I also had a friend’s birthday which we went to London to a Thai restaurant. I ordered the set menu as we could share the different items. A lot seemed in batter which wasn’t going down to well so I just nibbled at bits. For my main I had beef in Peter sauce and ate the veggies and small bits of beef, as the last thing I wanted was for something to get stuck. For dessert I chose the ice cream again not the best option but it was lovely haha. I ended the week gaining a pound but I knew that was coming. 

Laura x

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